Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back to life

I must confess to those of you who are new here. This blog is my 4th attempt to have a blog with out being out of line, drama producing and down right rude.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard some of those bloggers get the best traffic. But mine wasn’t good. It was babble and anger mixed with insanity.

I’ve never been about traffic on my blog. As much as I am an attention seeking poodle. And I DO love comments on my posts. I do it for the sake of emptying my brain out, and hoping some one else out there reads me and says “Damn. I’m not the only one”

I can’t promise that with this 4th blog I’ll be swear free. That wouldn’t be me. I will say I’ve learned that some posts are just as good with other words put in. But there will be times I’m not going to hold back. If that deters you from reading me, well then move on and find a safe blogger that keeps all her F words to herself.

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I have to say my first blog in 2007 was when my daughter (now 6) was just one. I used it to vent, as a Post Partum Diary of sorts, and to tell my stories.

Mad Here

I started another a few years later, and that was still a PPD or by then a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder type of blog.

THIS blog. THIS is me. PPD and PTSD free.

PPD and PTSD really shut me down. I lived life, but having children made me sad, and bitter. And I spent 6 years trying to get ME back. The funny, silly, random, weird, happy-go-lucky me.

About a year ago I came back.

I’m still working towards being more social. Remembering to call my friends, to not shut out phone calls. I don’t know why PPD and PTSD did that to me. Why I shut myself in.

I realize I’m back. Different then before kids. But it’s a new me. It’s a revised version. The 2012 JCat McGack.

Socially I’m so much better. For example in the last few months I’ve accepted a play date trip to the Zoo. I’ve had play dates at the library. And 14 Princesses at my daughters 6th birthday didn’t make me twitch. I went to my good friends son’s birthday and was elated to see old friends, and missed my good friend who wasn’t there. Hoping to make plans to all hang out in the future.

I’ve been seriously involved with the local art center. I’m going to be on their board! I want to blog and be involved in the local Patch news website.

Making new friends with the Three Rivers Art Council has made my life feel whole again. Chill people who ALL have one thing in common. We BIG puffy red heart art of ALL kinds. My best friend comes with me often and it makes my world happy.

Us Girls

My home life is more organized, and my family life has always been my #1 priority. I feel energized more often, I feel creative again, I feel normal. And don’t laugh at normal. I mean normal by I feel like me with a new twist to it normal.

It’s not just the pot of coffee talking here. It’s me.


Hello. Nice to be back to life. It’s time to do what I do. Socialize. Create. Be. Live.

I’ve got this,

JCat McGack

Rock Star hair

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