Sunday, March 23, 2014

A year-ish.

Meh, maybe a bit less.

But it’s been about forever in Blog land since I've posted here. I was tidying up my Twitter account and realized I had a link here.

Not saying goodbye to blogger, who knows I may come back a raging blogger again. But my Unconventional Randomness facebook page has been an easier way to microblog, still vent but keep my time for other things. So until then…

Blogger… thank you. For helping me survive 8 years of being a SAHM.


Friday, April 12, 2013

Keepin’ It Real


Let’s keep it real.
On my facebook,
Unconventional Randomness, on of my mom friends asked if someone were to come into my house at any given time is it clean or messy?

I was honest and have to say 9/10 times it’s a mess. It’s not because I’m lazy. It’s just how we are wired around here. We do just drop things. I am in the LONG process of finding a place for everything. And we are starting to see improvements.
But with a bit more stuff then we have room for. The clutter often takes over. It’s a mess, we clean it up some days. And most days it sits where it lands.

Now there IS a method to our madness. Take this chair in the photo above, for instance. It’s our coat rack. Yes I have a hall closet, but it’s PACKED with Ed’s and my coats. I don’t have room for all the kids coats too. With it being April, one day it’s 30 and windy, the next it’s sunny and 70 so we’ve got 3 different coats per kid going on here.


The rest of the front living room is a mess too. The big stool is full of Mia’s school papers from this week. We do homework and keep simple art supplies in here. We read in this room and just hang out.
Oddly this room is a mess as of this week. I DO try, since this is the first room you see when you come in to keep it somewhat clean…er then you see here.


Now wait, before you think of telling me to purge Mia and Alex’s school papers, I DO! I have this station right behind the front door for back packs to hang, and papers to go… I have file folders at the bottom of those stacks for each kid. Saving the purging for a rainy day… a different rainy day.
The crap on the floor is because I was cleaning out the cabinet. And stopped half way to go to bed. I also don’t have the best timing on my projects either.


But wait… did you notice JUST my bookshelf.

MY bookshelf.

It’s pretty… it used to be COVERED in kids books, packing ALL my books end to end.

NOW they are all MY books. And MY decorations. Can’t wait to get this room picked up a bit better so my bookshelf isn’t the ONLY thing in here that is nice looking.

Kids books… what did I do with them all?

Took this OLD, nasty, chipped paint, white rack. Spray painted it ‘leather brown’ and BOOM. A cute shelf. Up in the loft. Holding ALL the kids books! Perfect!


Now not ALL my rooms look like holy hell.


Our family room is in good shape. AND I can keep it this way, because there is ONE toy table. To the right of the picture. It’s the coffee table. But I put it in the corner of the room. Kids love it. Make a mess. I don’t have to see it right in the middle of the room. I love it. Win win.


Alright, I’m NOT proud of my kitchen right now. BUT I’m keeping it as real as it gets around the McHale house on this post. And we’ve got this issue about once a week. It just gets backed up.


One day, I skip dishes, stack them nicely by the sink, to wash the next day. Busy the next morning, and by day 2 I’ve got dishes, food and randomness ALL the way around my counters.

*Note it’s a mess. YES it’s dirty dishes. But each night the counter is cleaned off, and food is put away.

Let’s head upstairs, shall we?


The loft.

If you know what I’ve been up to, it’s this room.

I took the WHOLE desk apart. Cleaned it. Bagged all the contents of the drawers and cabinets.
Now going back through all the bags putting things away, going through each file. Purging, shredding, and organizing.

The one hutch is now living in the basement, for storage next to the kids tv in their toy room. Perfect.
This hutch is solo. And now the center piece of the desk. The once center floating box piece is now on my art room floor till it gets a home.

I had to cut this carpet piece to fit in there. (4x1 had to get cut) THAT was a bitch of a job. BUT now I’ve got carpet in my loft. And it cost me $0 nada.

*See before picture below.


Alright… had enough? Wait just a bit, I’m not done sharing… let’s see how my love for laundry is going… some of you may need to sit down for this. Others may cheer in the fact that you are not alone…


  I fucking. HATE. laundry.

I’ve gotten my shit together. TWICE since I’ve lived on my own. That would be TWICE in the last 14 years. And “Shit together” as in EVERYTHING but what I was wearing was put away. And NO I don’t enjoy laundry when it’s all done and nice. I don’t enjoy the process when it looks nice. Mess or not. I HATE folding, washing, drying, and ironing is complete bullshit. I’ve had my mom, and friends try to sell me the idea of a wonderful laundry system.

STILL working on that one. Doubt I’ll see it in my lifetime. Unless I’m joining a nudist camp.

NOW I do miss knowing where my favorite sweats are. I do wonder if I own socks. Or more then 4 shirts and my yoga pants. Since I can’t seem to find a DAMN thing in this mess. So it’s to that point where I will spend a WHOLE day hating the process of putting it away. Filling two garbage bags full of clothes to get rid of. And with in a week it’ll be a mess again.

*Note my husbands clothes are on the top of the closet. His are nice, clean and organized. He does his own laundry. Because I SUCK so badly at this job.


Kids rooms… sigh. Well there is only ONE of me. And too many mess makers in this family. SO for the most part there is a path to get to their beds, in case of an emergency they can escape with out a LEGO injury.

And so in the middle of the night I can escort them BACK to their bed with out ankle breaking swearing at 2 am


Now I DO attempt organization. I do my best to be a Flybaby but understand as much as I’m posting about cleaning, and organizing ALL the time. It’s what I do. BUT I do enjoy life. This mess will ALWAYS be here. It has been for the 34.5 years of my life, it can wait another day.

Happy Friday people, keep it real.

JCat McGack

Thursday, April 11, 2013


That is for my new friends... I've been blogging since 2007. BUT not here on this blog. I've gone through about 4 blogs. Each one in a different time in my life. I know in 6 years that sounds weird. A short period of time with so many different blogs.

Well the first one was hacked by a nut job. For my own security I just started new. The second and third, well... if I remember it was because I just didn't like them. And I felt that starting over was easier then trying to fix what I had typed.

So that brings us to Unconventional Randomness.

It's like my facebook page says. It's random, unconventional and all over the place. It involves swearing, funny stories, real life and... well... me.

I don't sugar coat things. I rant at times. I tell fantastic stories about my great kids. I tell you my opinion about everything. I share WAY too much.

I hope you enjoy this blog about me. Enjoy the adventure. Comment below, or just comment on facebook.

JCat McGack

*If you are new to blogger, understand that I've used fake names for people in my life. Many of you know our real names... just humor me on this. Thanks.

Friday, February 22, 2013

So Big and New Security

After dropping Buzz off at Preschool today, I drove over to the Grade School building to register him for Kindergarten next fall.


I thought I’d be fine, but when the secretary said “Welcome to Kindergarten!” I got teary eyed. When did this become this?!


Now if you are like my husband, you’d be thrilled. He liked the kids as babies, held them, loved them. But he always wished for them to be 6 and 4. He said THAT is when the fun will begin.

I agree, they were fun as babies, but they are SO much more individual characters now. Buzz with his Star Wars, LEGO’s, and Angry Birds. Tink and her love for dressing up, reading books, and her art. I’ve just got to enjoy the ride, take 9 zazillion pictures and take in this adventure we are on.

In other news, speaking of the school…

After registering, I saw that the principal was standing there. I went up to her and said that it’s been a few months, but I just couldn’t say anything, till now, with out being a blubbering mess. But I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you. All your staff and what they do to keep our children safe here. Thank you.

She said she appreciated me saying that. And that the kids are their number one concern. And that as the staff “They are the first line of defense” for our kids.

Yes, it’s true, while my kids are there, I do trust the teachers to be their protectors. It’s just in the last few years, so much has changed. To where they ARE having to become such a strong defense.

She also told me that over the summer the school is going though construction. The whole open front area, will now be closed off. You will walk in, the buzzer will be on the inside. And the office door will be where the glass windows are.

The only way to get into the school is through doors that have no windows on them.

YES it’s hard that they are on lockdown, but I want my children safe first. The staff safe first. I’m so happy that our town isn’t taking Newtown lightly.

I even noticed that the preschool at the park district has now put a small curtain in their skinny door window. She said in case of lock down emergencies.

It’s a tough world out there. I won’t be afraid of it. Neither will my children. But we will be prepared.

JCat McGack

Monday, February 11, 2013

Proof I’m old. Example #425

Last night while digging through old toys. I came across Colorforms. I brought them out for Tink and Buzz. They were more amused with them then I thought they would be.

Tink was enjoying the Cabbage Patch Colorform. A three story house, with flaps to open. (fridge, cabinets, dressers) A thanks to Aunt Frances for parting with your favorite childhood toy! Tink set up the whole house and had me come check out what she had done.

Me “Looks great, everyone’s watching tv”
Tink “Yea, but I can’t find the remote for the tv.”
Me “Well back when I was a kid we didn’t have remotes. You’d go up to the tv and change the channel. ON the tv” 
Tink “So EVERY time you wanted to change the channel. You got out of your chair?!”
Me “Well there wasn’t as many channels to go through”
Tink “Well how did you do the OnDemand?”
Me “Sigh. We didn’t have OnDemand. We used a book we bought each week, called the TV Guide”
Tink just STARES at me. And says “So what’s with the bug antenna’s on the tv?”
Me. “Um, that’s so we could get a good picture on the screen…”
Tink “What? That is so weird”
Me “Note, this is why all we did was play with toys all day, or play outside. TV was just to complicated”
Tink “I would have just played with the Nook or the laptop instead”
Me. Palm to forehead. Walks away.

JCat McGack

Saturday, February 9, 2013

From the front porch.

Normal morning routine for school. Mia gets up, dressed in the pre chosen outfit, hair and teeth brushed. Breakfast and morning chit chat. As always at 7:40 am we head to the front door to get all her coat, hat, gloves, scarf (OMG, I love the warm weather for the lack of 5 minutes of layers!) I start putting on my hat and coat, boots on. Open the door and Mia says "Mom. Um, today you could just say goodbye from the porch, ok?"
Me "Sure. I can still see you from there. If that's what you want"
Mia "Yeah. It's too cold for you to have to wait with me"
Me "Ok, yea, it’s too cold. I'll stay on the porch"
Mia “Good. Loveyoubye!”
She grabs her princess backpack, and wheels it down the drive way. I sit, sad faced and heart broken on the front porch. She meets her bus stop neighbor friends and they board the bus. And it noisily drives away.

Later that day when she comes home. Ed and I are sitting on the couch. I ask her "Mia, do you think on Monday I can come to the bus stop with you"
She said, with a look on her face that she was trying to break it easily to me "Well, maybe we try the, me alone, thing a few more days. See how that goes"
As she skipped out of the room. Tears ran down my face.

There are these moments. That she’s about 15 years old. Where she doesn’t want me anywhere near her. I get it. She’s testing her wings, she needs to do this. To grow on her own, to challenge life, to be her own person.

I guess I just assume that at 6 1/2 she’d still be my baby, needy, and clingy. But what I’m quickly learning is that by 5 she was already challenging these things, and every day there are more new things she can do on her own.

She’ll always need me. I mean I’m 34 and still need my mom. But she’s already becoming the independent, strong, and brave little woman I dream of her being.

Not saying I’ve got to like it.

But I will stand behind her and support her. Or at least from the front porch.

Buggy 02-09-13

Slow down Buggy, Mommy’s having a hard time keeping up.
Loves you.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Zoo Bucket List (post 1)

As I walked through the brisk winter air. I realized I had a large grin on my face. Because I was going to check something off my bucket list.

The thing about Bucket Lists are, I think, people wait till they are older to start checking them off. Why wait? Life is to short, things happen, people die, people get sick. I’ve been checking things off my list since 1978. And today I was able to do another one.

Going to one of my favorite places, like I have SO many times before. But this time. By myself.


Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo.

Some people see the zoo as a bunch of animals in cages to show off. But little do they know HOW much more then that the zoo really is. It’s about conservation, and teaching, not only the public about animals but teaching themselves. Learning something new everyday. Through observation, and study.

I spend a good amount of my day chatting with the amazing volunteers, or as they are also called, Docents.
Patricia was the first I had encountered. She was in the Australia house.

I did spend some time in the beginning of the Australia house, watching the boa’s and other small displays they had. It’s a smaller darker house, and while most people run through it. I stroll.

I was first drawn to where she was because the keeper was hosing down the Kookaburra birds, who are housed with a Tawny Frogmouth birds (seen here)


Super cool to watch. The keeper was hand feeding fish to the birds.

Which excited the Kookabura’s and they starting their amazing singing! It’s not often the public gets to hear them. I felt lucky.

Patricia and I chatted about wombats, the baby they just had there. Their age, weight and how strong they are. Being that it was feeding time, and no people, this was the most moving around I’ve ever seen the wombats do. They were scratching, sniffing, and moving about.


I was too excited to move onto my favorite place in the Australia house, and one of my favorite places period in this zoo. The free flying bat area.

Well there is one thing to learn about me, it’s that I don’t fear animals. Don’t get it wrong with the fact that I respect them. I know their dangerous, and could at any time, harm me. BUT I also know enough about animals that I know what to fear, how to act, and how far to trust.

So when you go into the free flying bat area, know that the Rodriques fruit bats will fly around. They may even fly close to you. I did hear a story where a lady had one land on her. She wasn’t amused. Myself? I’d be thrilled only hoping it wouldn’t go to the bathroom on me.

Patricia taught me about how the bats are named from Rodriques Island that is off the coast of Madagascar. I learned the one’s you see in the open area are neutered males and females. (they like to breed!) With out a flash you can still capture a great shot.


Hard to see the bats. They are usually above on the screen. But to the left on the ground is one crawling.

I spent about 45 minutes chatting with Patricia. Found out later she’s THE know all of docents that volunteer at the zoo. So happy I was able to spend so much time with her.

After our conversation. She said I’ve got something to tell you. I was nervous. She said “Thank you. You are an exception to many people that come to our zoo to visit. You WANT to learn about animals, you also appreciate what it is we do here. You seem to be teaching your children all about the animals. But you are teaching them about what it is we do here at the zoo. You have a great respect for the animals, and a great want to learn all you can about the animals. I’m thankful for people like you.” She touched my arm. And said she had to go off to her next station. It was a great visit.

THIS is what I wanted out of my day. Not expecting a compliment like that. But time to chat with keepers, and docents. To explore the quiet of the zoo. The winter life. The Zoo to me is so much more then the summer rush of too many people and those damn tour busses that drive around, forcing you to move out of the way. I’m not a fan of crowds, and at this rate I’m spoiled with quiet time at the zoo.

To be continued…

JCat McGack

Thursday, January 17, 2013



The other day Buzz, looked at me and said “I love you Ducky!”

I said “Am I Ducky?”

He replied “YES! You are my Ducky. I love you Ducky, love my Ducky. Hug Ducky!”

He did this in front of Blue, and he got a good laugh out of it. Asking him what it meant? Buzz said “It’s her name now. No more Mommy, she’s my Ducky, and I love her.”

It’s been a week, and I’m still called Ducky. Sometimes I call him Ducky back. He loves it. I have no idea where it came from, or why. I need not understand, but I will embrace his creativity to give me a nickname.

So at dinner last night Buzz says with his sweet boy voice “Love you my Ducky” and Blue said “What about me? What is my new name” And Buzz scrunched his face and said “Bad. Ducky.”

“I’ll stick with Daddy, thankyouverymuch” said Blue. And we all laughed. He’s started calling his sister Mimi, which she loves, and she’s called him Weaky (his baby nickname from her) and it’s cute. For Blue? We will probably stick with Daddy, till something better then Bad Ducky comes along.

JCat McGack aka Ducky

Baby Gap and the Thumb Bus.

Last week I took my Tink to a Pediatric Orthodontist to have her gap looked at. When she was first getting in her baby teeth, she had a HORRIBLE under bite (her and our boxers had matching smiles!


So we invested in a retainer like device that didn’t hurt, her teeth just grew along with it. She was only 3 1/2 when we got it. And this office was FLOORED at how much of a difference it made!

But now she’s got that gap… she needed to have a Frenectomy done. To cut the extra skin between her teeth. Within 40 minutes of walking through the door. She was examined. Goggles on, and lasered off! Now hoping when her baby teeth fall out, and her big teeth come in. A lesser of a gap. (braces are of coarse in her future) My baby is no longer a baby!

Now onto my baby boy… who like his big sister is growing too fast! While racking up a bill at the said dentist office, I had asked what to do about a 4 1/2 year olds thumb sucking issues. She said, it has to stop. It will be horrible for his teeth. Sigh, his regular dentist has told us this for YEARS. I asked if she had anything for it.
Sure. Mavala Stop, it’s about $14. We’ve got it up front.

Brought it home, and Blue and I thought we should try it out first. Painted our thumbs, let it dry, sucked away.
At first it was bitter. Like my coffee.
Then some sort of after taste hit me.
It was like bitter shit with sour eggs that wouldn’t go away.
I gagged, coughed, and tried to scrap the first layer off my tongue.
I was sad having to do this to my baby.
But I couldn’t hesitate, or I’d never do it. I painted it on that night. But had to take this picture first.


I feel as if I’m pushing away my baby. Making him a big boy. But at 4 1/2 he needs to stop sucking his thumb. This is the last time I saw him doing this.
He tried to do it once. And after a gag, cough, and sad face (that hurt me!) he said I don’t want it to taste bad.
Thankfully Tink chimed in with this. “You CAN NOT suck your thumb anymore. I mean when you go to Kindergarten, you will be riding the bus with ME. Sitting with ME. I will be a second grader. The boys on my bus DO NOT suck their thumbs. They are big boys”
With that said she stared at him. He replied “Oh… ok”

And magically, Tink’s speech has helped him understand why. I would have gone on about hurting his teeth, and struggling for some grown up speech. But her point was perfect. He understood that to ride the bus, and sit with his sister, no more thumb sucking.

He said to me a few days ago, that the special nail paint was helping.
It’s been 7 days and he has yet to put his thumb back into his mouth. We repaint his nails every other day. JUST to keep the thought away.

We are proud of both of our two. Taking these life issues, and dealing with them the best they can. As for me, I put on my brave Mommy face, and tell them it’s for the best. But the “This hurts me, more then it hurts you” couldn’t be more true right now.

Love you my babies,


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This Girl.



She’s all girly. As much as I try to make sure she has a bit of tomboy in her. She pushes for her skirts, accessories and more pink then I can handle.



I love her for her sassiness, for her quiet serious self. For her love of books, and learning. When she needs to get her Secret Reader and write and draw all about her day. (I’ve got to say thanks to Judy B. Jones books for that one)

She’s silly, goofy, and so many parts me. She’s not shy, she’s brave, she’s willing to take chances and put herself out there.


I’ve got to say she’s got her moments, where she retreats, keeps things to herself, and enjoys her alone time, like her dad, Blue does.

I love to watch her. To see what moment she’s like me, what moment she’s like Blue. And what moments she’s ALL Mia.

At 6 1/2 she’s getting SO big, so independent, and very much her own self. Being on the journey of being a parent is Thanks my Meha <3


*Note her SUPER curly hair, after baths we put in the soft rollers overnight. She LOVES her dresses and skirts, and the last picture is her “PINK DAY!” OMG, she picked out ALL the pink she could find, and ROCKED it.

Because I can.

I put on my neon shoes today. Because I can.

I put on Sophie’s leader.
I put on her coat.

I put on my yoga pants. Hoodie. Hat.
I put on my P!nk and Nikki Minaj music.
I went for a walk.
I went for a jog.

I was sick this morning. I felt blah.

I pushed myself.

Because I can.

Because some people I know can’t put on their shoes.

Because some people I know can’t walk. Can’t jog.

Because some people don’t have their dogs anymore.

Because some people can’t hear.

Because some people my age are not here anymore. Gone too soon.

Because they can’t, is why I do.

They’d love to walk their dog one more time.

They’d love to put on their shoes.

They’d love to walk, or jog.

They’d love to hear music.

I can put on my shoes. I can walk. I can jog. I have my dog. I have my health. I have my hearing. I have the strength.

There is no excuse to NOT get outside. Enjoy the last day of warm weather before winter hits. To do what so many others would love to do again, or for the first time.

I can. I will.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In My Spare Time

Over the summer I was often caught saying “In my spare time” as if I had TONS of it. People would ask…

“When do you do your scrapbooking? Paint? Draw? Garden? and all the other organizing and fun projects you come up with?!”

I don’t come up with time. I don’t have a magic wand that creates me more then the 24/7 we all have. I just schedule my life differently then the average person does.

Now I’m not so irresponsible that I put off ALL things I need to do. BUT we do the minimal around here. So in the morning, Tink is off to school, and Buzz is fed, pets too. Dishes done, some basic picking up. If bills need to be paid, or the accounts balanced, phone calls made, I do it. Then instead of diving into laundry, cleaning, dusting, mopping, and other things I COULD do. I see what Buzz wants to do. At 4 1/2 I’ve got a very limited number of months before he’s off to school all day, and my play friend is whisked away learning and growing like his sister.

We usually go to the basement, where it’s 1/2 playroom and the other half is my art room. Play-doh, paints, or just drawing. Sometimes we are lazy and watch cartoons for a bit together. As of the last few months he’s TOTALLY into his
Monster Fighter LEGO’s. (LEGO’s + Halloween) so we’ll play for a while. Maybe a Nerf gun shoot out, or just read stories. Recently (as of this week) he lets me read Shel Silverstein poems to him! That makes my heart so happy!

And when he’s tired of playing with Mommy, then I go off and I drink coffee, I blog, Pinterst, I microblog (Facebook, Twitter) read, doodle, play games. THEN, after a nice morning, I’ll get into the above adult jobs that need to be done. Now before I go much further, I need to tell you that I am a Stay At Home Mom. I do not have a 9-5 job. My kids and this house are my current job.

BUT. and that is a BIG but.
Understand that my life priorities are still the same, kids or not, 40 work hours a week or not. Fun, playing, and creative time, it’s all been a priority to me. So to say that because you work a job outside of the home, you can’t say you don’t have the time to do fun things, I’ve got to say I’m calling that bullshit right there.

I get that you may not get time for 3 hours of play time, on top of all the other jobs to do around the house, I get that. Working parents get just a few hours a day to fit in playtime, housework, and just a bit of me time. If you say “I just don’t have time because I work” THAT is your own fault.

I used to work 40+ hours a week, and I used to STILL have time to read, draw, paint, scrapbook. YES my time was limited, but I made the best of the time I had. Took a sketchbook, pictures to crop, or my book to work and when I had a 15 or 20 minute break, I’d enjoy a bit of ME time where ever I go.

I know having kids is a time suck, they take up SO much of your energy, you are always waiting on them, cleaning up after them… it’s HOW you choose to live this life with them. So sure, the first few years you are their maid, their chef… but even then I was able to just zone out. Then with my PPD the best I could do was watch the 24/7 Big Brother live feeds while the baby slept, but it was some me time. Not laundry, not dishes, just some zone out doodle on paper, read a blog time.

I’m at a point with my 6 1/2 and 4 1/2 year old that they can pick up after themselves, help with small jobs around the house (they have a chore list) and help me in the kitchen. So it’s ALL of us enjoying every moment instead of grumbling about doing it all myself.

Remember Mary Poppins and how she made cleaning the nursery room fun? It’s like that. Make fun of what you do. I don’t like dishes, so I time myself. Try to beat my old time. And play music. My family knows I get the MP3 player and rock out to some Linkin Park to get the dishes done. I also remind myself how much I don’t want to wake up to a nasty kitchen. (note I have yet to come up with a fun idea for laundry. I just suck at it. Period)

This year, and the whole “Simplify” theme is making house work simple. Do it, get it done, enjoy life. A few years back it was “Balance” and I needed to find the right amount of time to give to the house, and adult jobs and how to give enough time to the ME time that I needed with kids and husband time too.

This life of mine is all about finding out what works, changing things up when it doesn’t, and loving it when it does.

Happy Tuesday!
JCat McGack
Just remember that we are all given the same 24 hours in the same 7 days. What you do with your time is up to you.

“Don’t take life to serious. No one get’s out alive.”

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What Tomorrow Will Simply Bring

Tomorrow is 2013. A shiny brand new year. Something that we all look forward to. If 2012 was good, bad or ugly, moving on is always the best. I have yet to hear someone say “Man I wish it could be 2012 forever”

2012 in a summary? Yikes… it began with vacations, vacations and more vacations. Arizona, Disney World and Michigan (twice) All great trips. Memories for a life time.
It was the summer of unforgettable adventures.
Star Wars Day, Warrior Dash, and Chicago’s Pride Parade and that was just in June!

Attempting to jog in 5K’s was a thing for me this year. Swam in mud, jumped over fire in the Warrior Dash. Then in October I was COVERED in rainbow powder from the Color Run in Iowa with a great friend of mine!

I jumped head first into a local Art Council. The Three Rivers Art Council to be exact. Joining the board and being as hands on as I could with it. Meeting great new people and pushing the arts into the community!

I spent a great amount of time with my best friend. This was one of those years when I found out how much we both need each other. I couldn’t imagine either of us getting through such and emotional summer with out each other.

This fall was busy. Buzz started Preschool, and Tink went into the 1st grade. And I started thinking of the new year (yes in September)

I came up with one great idea for myself in 2013.


To easy? No way. You’ve got to understand me, our house, and just the way I’m ‘organized’ in every way. I’m over organized, to many bins, binders, baskets, drawers… it’s all too much (Peter Walsh humor, anyone?)
I’ve spent the last few years following
Fly Lady, she has inspired me everyday to strive to have a shiny sink, and hit those hot spots. I TRY. HARD. But I’m human, so there are piles of clothes, and my sink did stay shiny for over 2 weeks! (a record for me) but the mess always out weighs the clean.

The thing is I’ve tried to organize TOO much. So “Simplify” will be the theme of the year.
I get it stuck in my head, and I remember this question “Could this be simpler?” For everything. From how I store silverware, to the laundry process.
My biggest tackle this year was the kids toys. OMG. For two kids who have zero cousins… let’s just say the amount of toys they get is OVERWHELMING. I’m no help, I could be called a “Toy enabler” I love toys as much as the next kid. I love my kids to have them. It’s just organizing it. So there is a system to how they are stored, and played with. It’s been a LONG process, and it’s not even close to being done. But it’s a good start rolling into 2013 with a plan in motion.

I’m hoping that with this idea, our life just keeps getting better. Change is great. Simple life. Simple joys. Simple process. It’s what I’ve got for 2013.

Here’s to change, here’s to a new start, here’s to moving forward.
Happy 2013 everyone!

Horn Happy NYE 2013
JCat McGack