Monday, October 1, 2012

Quality time… at the nudist camp.


This kid. She never ceases to amaze me.

We just had the best conversation. I never take the time to sit and chat with her when it’s time for her to go to bed. I know I should more often, I used to when she was about 3. We’d talk about her day. In details.

Now that she’s 6. I want to get back into the habit of it. Of just letting her empty her brain out, get out all her ideas. And then me fill it full of fun new ideas. Of her sharing her adventures and me going with her.

Tonight we talked about how big she’s getting. How she wants to grow up SUPER fast. I said being a grown up is NO FUN. She said really? You are not having any fun?

I said unless you or Alex are around, I have to do grown up stuff.
“Like WHAT Mommy?”
“Like dishes. And clean up dog poop. Do you know I spent the morning scraping cat barf off the basement floor. ZERO fun”
“Well I just won’t have a cat. Or a dog… or eat food when I grow up”
I said “How about laundry”
She says “OH you HATE that. So we should be naked’s. Yes. No clothes”
I tell her “That would make us a Nudist Colony”
She says “Well if YOU and I were in a nudis colony. I’d want to be blind”
Then we burst into giggles!

She tells me how much she loves me being home every day. How much she thinks I’m her bestest friend in the whole wide world. And how she never likes to be apart from me.

She makes my heart happy. To hear her say all of this. Even though I’m the tougher parent, I’m the disciplinary, and I’m the one who pushes chores. She still adores me.


With each new season I have a motto, or a theme of my life. Getting through PPD was “Baby Steps” every thing I did was a baby step in getting better.

Now I’m mentally at a better place. So I do believe this coming season will be “Quality Time” so instead of rushing everyone to bed. I want to make it a big ordeal. Maybe they’d stay in bed, if it was a place where we had more fun as a family.

Quality time also goes for my home. It’s clean. It’s picked up…on the surface. But open a closet… it’s clean, yet the floor is full of bins full of stuff. Just stuff, random things that pilled up and were tossed in this bin to speed along the cleaning process. I’ve got these bins all over. Then need quality time to go through and sort. Keep, toss and donate.

Quality time with Ed. Now that Wrigley Season is coming to an end, we can watch more movies at home. We can do things together. Every day after 2 he will be ours! Quality time must be had!!

Quality time with myself. Very important. One thing I’ve always enforced in my life. Even if it’s just a few minutes a day. Maybe it’s more, like a bath, or an hour in the art room. Something to just get me to a good place.

Quality time with friends and family. This is my parents and sister. To spend more time enjoying their company. Carugati 4 MK

To spend quality time with my best friend. We have been doing this a TON this summer, and it’s been a great summer at that. Jen & Me Letty Mae

To slow down. And spend time on ME and those I love around me.

So thanks for the reminder Tink. Thanks for the idea to slow down, and enjoy every moment of you, Buzz, Blue, Sophie and the Meows.

4 of us 

Everyone and everything else is going on the back burner for a while. I need to focus on what makes me, me.

JCat McGack

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