Sunday, March 25, 2012

Leaping Lizards!

Today was sister date day! Frances and I headed out to a movie theater, this was my first trip to this location. I've visited the other one a few times now with Blue. This was the Hollywood Palms location, tickets are $8 (cheaper then a regular theater) but this one you sit in an office chair, and eat right in the theater at a counter in front of you. GREAT appetizers, meals, and deserts (only thing Blue orders!) 

The ambiance of the place is amazing. 
The inside of each theater is a different theme, ours was awesome and it went well with the fact that we are still getting off of the Disney buzz. HUGE character statues on this upper open hallway above us. 

So... now that you know about the theater, I'm sure your wondering what we did today... WELL if you look at the first picture, you see myself, Frances and a woman named, Aileen Quinn, who just so happened to be the original... 
We were like little kids again. Chatting with others in line about our memories of Annie, how often we watched it, if our kids are into it now, and what we wanted to say to Aileen when we met her. 

I have to say $8 for the ticket to meet her was great. If you wanted any photo's or autographs, they were $20 each. The people inside gave Frances a picture for free. It made me cry how nice people are to her with her disability. 

Aileen was more then nice. She was sweet and funny, and we took our pictures, and got our autograph. Afterwards, we headed into the theater, took our seats. And to our surprise she came up to the front of the theater and chatted for a while on her favorite parts of the movie, some behind the scenes things that no one else knew about. Her favorite people, and she took some questions from the audience. I asked what her favorite song was to do in the movie... she said most people think it's "Tomorrow" but she said for personal reasons it was "Maybe" which is one of my favorites as well.
(I have to say "We've Got Annie" and "Let's Go to the Movies" are my other fav's!)

We enjoyed the show on the big screen. I have to say it was magical, at the point when Annie sang "Tomorrow" with FDR you could hear the WHOLE theater singing it along. We cheered at parts and as a whole group I'm sure Aileen knew how much her fans love her!

Thanks for going out with me tonight, Frances!

JCat McGack

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