Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Life Lesson while getting spoiled.


This little girl of mine had a WONDRFUL Monday and Tuesday.

On Monday her Papa brought over the BIG GIANT two story bed he had been hand crafting for the last two months.

Mia has been smitten with it every since! Loading it full of her stuffie friends, putting her reading nook below, along with her art desk as well.
Then on Tuesday she was taken up to Chicago’s famous Water Tower Place to shop at the American Girl Place store.


Where she was able to pick out accessories for her American Girl doll, Kit. They now both have their ears pierced, matching glasses, Kit has a tote bag, and new shoes. Of coarse they wore matching dresses there. And this picture was taken in their excusive American Girl dining room.

We enjoyed the day, full of family, laughter and memories. While walking outside, freezing in Chicago’s 30 degree weather, on Michigan Ave. Mia saw her Gigi walk over to a man and give him some money.

Mia said “Why did she give that stranger some money?”
I took this as my cue to give Mia, a life lesson.

I said “Mia, do you see where he’s sitting?”
She said “Yes. But it’s cold outside. He should go home.”
I said “That is his home.”
She looked at me… confused. And said “I mean his bed, in HIS home” I then said “No Mi. He doesn’t HAVE a home. He doesn’t HAVE a bed. He doesn’t have ANYTHING. THAT is where he will sleep tonight, he won’t lay down, it’s too cold. He only has that thin blanket to keep him warm.”
She looked at me. Sad face. She said “But I HAVE so many things, and I can sleep anywhere in our big warm house. Where are his toys?” I said “Mia all he really wants is simply things. Food, water and to stay warm.” She bowed her head. As if she felt bad for having all the nice things we did.
I said “We are SO lucky. A home. Heat. Water. Food. Clothes. And our families that love us so much. We need to remember how lucky we are. Toys are just an extra thing, and this man only wants the things that we assume we will always have. And Gigi knows this, so she is giving money to him. Because she can.”

We walked away hand in hand. She smiled and said “I sure am lucky. I’ve got you.”
If only she knows that I am the lucky one, and that I’m thankful there was that moment in her spoiled loved weekend that she was able to see that not everyone has it as wonderful as she does.


I can’t help that Mia and Alex are the only two Grandchildren that the four grandparents will get. That everyone loves to spoil them. That is fine with me. My job is to raise them to appreciate everything. To respect their toys, and the people that give them things. And to know that they are lucky to have this kind of life. And to pay it forward to those who are less fortunate then they are.

JCat McGack

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