Saturday, December 15, 2012

“Dance, I say! DANCE!”


My Tink has been running around all day getting ready for her “Family Party” she said EVERYONE is to attend. And you HAVE to dress up.
Boys wear ties, girls wear dresses.

Blue said “We’re not really doing this are we?” I walked out of our room in an old bridesmaid dress. He said “Looks like we are!”

He sported a tie, suit coat over his white undershirt and sweat pants.
Buzz wore his matching white t-shirt and running pants. Borrowed Dad’s tie. These are our formal men of the house.

Dance Alex Daddy 12

I bust out a hand me down bridesmaids dress, and Tink had on what she calls her “Princess Sophia Dress” (aka Garage sale recital dress)

Dance Mia Mommy 12


We had a blast taking pictures with each other…

Dance Alex Mommy 12Dance Daddy Mia12

My other favorite part was when Tink bust out her pretend CD player that plays Disney songs on speed (not sure what is up with it. It’s the way it came!)


We bust out our best dance moves, even Sophie joined in the party. I’m happy that we take the time to dance, to get creative and to participate in whatever their little minds come up for us to do each day.

We are thankful for their health, for their spirits, for their energy. I love to capture days like this, the memories we make. Thank you for the invite Tink and Buzz.


(JCat McGack)

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Quigs78 said...

That's the sweetest party ever! I love how you turn everyday events into EVENTS. :)