Thursday, April 11, 2013


That is for my new friends... I've been blogging since 2007. BUT not here on this blog. I've gone through about 4 blogs. Each one in a different time in my life. I know in 6 years that sounds weird. A short period of time with so many different blogs.

Well the first one was hacked by a nut job. For my own security I just started new. The second and third, well... if I remember it was because I just didn't like them. And I felt that starting over was easier then trying to fix what I had typed.

So that brings us to Unconventional Randomness.

It's like my facebook page says. It's random, unconventional and all over the place. It involves swearing, funny stories, real life and... well... me.

I don't sugar coat things. I rant at times. I tell fantastic stories about my great kids. I tell you my opinion about everything. I share WAY too much.

I hope you enjoy this blog about me. Enjoy the adventure. Comment below, or just comment on facebook.

JCat McGack

*If you are new to blogger, understand that I've used fake names for people in my life. Many of you know our real names... just humor me on this. Thanks.

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