Friday, February 22, 2013

So Big and New Security

After dropping Buzz off at Preschool today, I drove over to the Grade School building to register him for Kindergarten next fall.


I thought I’d be fine, but when the secretary said “Welcome to Kindergarten!” I got teary eyed. When did this become this?!


Now if you are like my husband, you’d be thrilled. He liked the kids as babies, held them, loved them. But he always wished for them to be 6 and 4. He said THAT is when the fun will begin.

I agree, they were fun as babies, but they are SO much more individual characters now. Buzz with his Star Wars, LEGO’s, and Angry Birds. Tink and her love for dressing up, reading books, and her art. I’ve just got to enjoy the ride, take 9 zazillion pictures and take in this adventure we are on.

In other news, speaking of the school…

After registering, I saw that the principal was standing there. I went up to her and said that it’s been a few months, but I just couldn’t say anything, till now, with out being a blubbering mess. But I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you. All your staff and what they do to keep our children safe here. Thank you.

She said she appreciated me saying that. And that the kids are their number one concern. And that as the staff “They are the first line of defense” for our kids.

Yes, it’s true, while my kids are there, I do trust the teachers to be their protectors. It’s just in the last few years, so much has changed. To where they ARE having to become such a strong defense.

She also told me that over the summer the school is going though construction. The whole open front area, will now be closed off. You will walk in, the buzzer will be on the inside. And the office door will be where the glass windows are.

The only way to get into the school is through doors that have no windows on them.

YES it’s hard that they are on lockdown, but I want my children safe first. The staff safe first. I’m so happy that our town isn’t taking Newtown lightly.

I even noticed that the preschool at the park district has now put a small curtain in their skinny door window. She said in case of lock down emergencies.

It’s a tough world out there. I won’t be afraid of it. Neither will my children. But we will be prepared.

JCat McGack

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