Saturday, September 10, 2011


Um… Welcome?

August 2011 me

It’s me. JCat. That’s my blog name. Sounds silly, yes. But see in the Blogosphere many of us use fake names. Keeps us safe from creepy Googler’s, lurkers, bad guys and so on. Which is why ALL of my family and friends will have fun new nick names. (given by ME)

See this is MY blog. My space. My opinions. My story. Me. Mine. AND so on that note, understand this. IF you do not like my post, feel free to leave a comment anyway. DO NOT lurk, or start trolling for drama. I will not have it. (Been there. dealt with that)

In my blog be prepared for… ranting. swearing. venting… but also expect heartwarming stories. funny experiences and more then you want to know about me.

I’ve been blogging since 2007. But I wanted to share it publicly now. Where I could post about what I want. And get feedback (yes this means COMMENT below) on what you think.

So here’s to ‘Unconventional Randomness’ a blog about Me. My family. My life.


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