Wednesday, September 14, 2011



I was excited to have all of us together for our family picture, we take it once a year at the Cat Family Picnic. SO… I’ll do some introductions to those of you who don’t know…Carugati Family Picnic 91111

We have Buzz up there in his Da Bears shirt, being held by his daddy Blue. Me, JCat down in front. Center of attention is my mom the Queen, and my Dad Carrots behind. My fantastic sister Frances, and last but not least Tink.

Like I said in the
‘Hello’ post we will be having ‘secret names’ for the safety of all who participate, it’s better that the whole web doesn’t really know who we are.
Ed and Jacki 91111

I swear I’ll come up with a better post… soon. I’ve got a winner of a head cold, and sleep is not something I’ve had much of lately. Coughing. sneezing. watery eyes. Meh. That’s my excuse.

I will be QUITE the busy girl tonight, I’ve got a HOT date with my t.v.

From 7 pm till 8:30 it’s the NEW Season Premier of Survivor!! LOVE it (Laptop right next to me because Jeff Probst Tweets live!)

Then from 8:30 –10 pm we have the season Finale of Big Brother (which I love this show SO much as I type this I can hear the houseguests snoring. YES I have the 24/7 live feeds, NO it does NOT consume my life, just a fun thing to have, and fun to watch) oh and this tv schedule is for Central time zone.

You do the math 3 hours of tv tonight. LOVE it. Biggest tv night for me this year! Wee!

Oh my, I should have stopped before I got going… alright more coffee and I’m going to go get into some trouble… as in house work trouble…

JCat McGack

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