Friday, October 21, 2011

In sickness and in health

The kids were sick, so I took them into Quick Care. Their doctor doesn't like my cough, so I go across the hall to get checked out too. She says I sound like I'm getting over a cold. But want's me to get checked by the Asthma and Allergy Doctor, oh and the Podiatrist for the warts on my foot.

Appointments set for the next week...

Tuesday I go in for my foot, find out Planters Warts are gross, and I've got about 7 of them on the ball of my foot. He scrapes my foot down with a scaple (shudder) puts on medicine and a thin patch. Says "See you in two weeks" oh and he adds "It's going to hurt a lot"

Just the first two days did I feel like someone scraped off the bottom of my foot and put acid on it. But after that it was more of a slight pain when I walked on it. Borrowed a crutch so I could keep the weight off it.

Thursday that same week I went in for my Asthma and Allergy testing. I did horrible. I couldn't exhale on any of the test with out a horrible cough afterwards. They sent my over for blood work, and a chest x-ray.

Later that night, I had a temp of 102, the next day my coughing was worse and my temp was 103.2... I freaked went to the doctor to find out I had Bronchitis. The next day the A & A doctor called to tell me about my results of the blood work and x-rays but I had already found out the night before. She was worried about my cough and put me on Prednisone.

The next day was my dad's birthday, and so we went out to my parents to enjoy family time. My parents brilliant neighbors started a fire on their property (when you live out with a lot of land you can do this, unlike us in the suburbs) and it caught my parents yard on fire, and the neighbor behind them.

I guess I missed the memo as to when you have Bronchitis, you should NOT breath in smoke for 45 minutes. I was worried about my dad being up in the woods putting out a ground fire ON his birthday and with the assistance of the lazy crew of neighbors who STARTED the fire, but bitched about it and didn't care how much of the woods burnt.

I realized around 1 am when I couldn't sleep, then around 2:30 I STILL couldn't stop coughing and fall asleep, at 3:30 I called the medical on call doctor and she refereed me to the Hospital.

I sat in the toy room, with the phone hoping I could just take a hit off my kids nebulizer and call it a day, but I realized that every time I tried to breathe in, it felt like a big puff of smoke filled my lungs. I packed some things in my bag, and got ready to go.

I told Blue I was going to drive myself to the hospital, and see what they could do for me. He looked at me, and I looked at him. In the 33 years I've been on this planet, I've never had to drive myself to a hospital. (I've been pretty lucky. I've been admitted to the hospital 2 times. Once for Tink, once for Buzz. THAT is it)

Got there at 4 am checked in by a past neighbor friend, so that made it easier. They gave me an hour long abuteral treatment, so I sat and watched 'The Duggars" finally around 6am I was sent home. Stopped by the ol' 24/7 Wallgreens for my codine, and some benzonatate pearls?

15 days of hopping on one foot,
15 days of taking drugs, drugs and more drugs.
15 days of sleeping upright on 4 pillows.
15 days of barking like a seal.
15 days of no coffee, bland diet.
15 days of pissing myself (thanks to childbirth for destroying my bladder)

Well today is day 2 of no drugs, day 2 of coffee, and holy hell I feel like someone took a bat to me. I'm guessing coughing like that for 15 days will catch up to you.

I don't take drugs usually. I'm not a fan. Even with a headache I try to see if I can go with out Tylenol. Hoping some coffee, food and rest will heal me. Not really sure what happened in October this year... I missed out on a good part of it.

Oh and my foot? I went back 2 days ago, doctor said "Looks about 80% better. We will do it again, and hope to get it all out this time" he proceeded to scrape my foot again, with a nice stab wound to add to it (oopsie. fucker) add medicine, another patch. AND another 2 weeks of hoping on one foot...

This sure as shit makes me not take for granted when I do feel better, and when I have access to BOTH of my feet to walk on!

Well that is what I've been up to. Happy Friday Blogosphere,

JCat  McGack
(oh and that post a bit back about eating well, working out. That is SO on hold right now... November 7th is the new start date... we shall see about that)

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