Saturday, October 29, 2011

Puffy face, throat closing allergies

You’ve GOT to be kidding me… so I go in for my allergy part of testing the other day. This involves needles…

First she swabbed down my back with alcohol, then numbered ALL over my back 1-25. These needles were like little pinches all over my back.

skin test back

(not me ^)

Each needle with a different thing I could possibly be allergic too. Leave it on for 15 minutes… Dr and nurse came back in and checked them all. I was allergic to none of these.

She said the second part of testing is on my arms… more needles. And she said these would hurt. 6 in each arm. Needle needles. Each one filled with more allergy possibilities.

arm allergy test

Again, alcohol on the arms, numbered 1-6 on the right. and 7-12 on the left… these needles HURT damn it. And instead of 12, I got 13 since one hurt so bad I jumped back and had to get it again.

I sing the Oscar Meyer Weiner song when I have to give blood, I sing (and I do not sing well) because I’d swear like a sailor otherwise. Takes my mind off of it, sort of, and it makes the staff laugh. So if I can make people laugh while they stab me repeatedly, bonus.

15 minutes again… man some of them itch… that can’t be good… whatever #6 was… I was sure I was allergic, the puffy circle was really red… and most of my left arm itched… oh this should be good.

Dr came in with nurse again, and she asked me if I was scratching all over my arms. I said I didn’t touch them. She seemed surprised. Great, so I’m SO allergic to these things it looked like I helped out the red process?

So I know your dying to know what I’m allergic to, so here’s the list (in order of least dramatic to most traumatizing to me)

1. Mold- as in outside plants, like the rest of the free world… whatever, this does suck because I enjoy gardening, but I wear my good gloves, and will just take some allergy meds OTC, and call it a day!

2. Dust mites – Well that’s just gross. And after reading this blog on them I was even more grossed out. One of those things you don’t want to know, but now that you do it’s STUCK in your head


And I know everyone has them in their homes. But thanks to the doctor for giving me details on the fact that they eat our dead skin cells, and now I’m allergic to them and their feces. Yummy.

3. … it’s hard to type… I cried all the way home… it’s not allergic like I’ve got to get rid of something… but it’s allergic like I need to NOT be so close to it… it’s my Sophie. I’m allergic to dogs?


This breaks my heart. I was told she couldn’t sleep with us anymore… but it helps her get over the loss of her sister, Maggie…Maggie and Sophie sepia

I made it one night with her on the couch and she was so sad the next day. She thought she did some thing wrong. I can’t do it to her. And until I have horrible allergic break out reactions I won’t make her sleep anywhere else. She’s 7 years old, and boxers don’t live much past 9. I won’t hurt my Sophie. I won’t. She sleeps with me. Allergies or not.

4…. #6 now this one is weird. I’ve lived my WHOLE life surrounded by these. I’ve never had issues, and I know allergies can just show up after years. But it’s hard because I’ve always wanted to work with them… Cats of all kinds are my favorite animals, and that hard. I started going to school to work as a Vet Tech. I mean I LOVE cat’s. Here are my two.


(My Chloe and Boobie MaGee)

My parents have ALWAYS had at least 3 since I was little, and they still do. Meet the current residents of the Cat family.

Annie Bananie… she’s probably my favorite, and yes I have favorites, she was bought when I was in High School and still lived at home, so she’s still a part of my history… and she likes me.Annie and Me. 07-11

Sassy (Sassafras) who was my Grandma’s cat till she passed away and is now adored by my sister… Sassy once hated me, but she’s come around to tolerating me. I can pet her, and take her picture, so I’ll take that. I think since Miss Abby came along she’s passed along the ‘Hate JCat’ torch to her…



And this is Abby… or Abacus the Evil to me. She HATES me. LOATHES me. When I walk in my parents house she is ANGRY. Hisses, spits, swats. And Siamese are NOT shy, she chases me around! Not my kids, Blue, or anyone else but me. Oh Abb… someday you’ll love me… so see I’ve got fuzzy friends ALL over the place so I just can’t avoid them!

Doc says I just need a Hepa filter for my art room where the cats live. I just worry… will I some day break out into puffy face throat closing allergies around my two favorite things? I mean when all my babies are gone am I going to have to stop having pets? Go back to my love for reptiles?

I mean I loved my turtles, iguana, gecko, newts, toads and frogs but they are SO different then the love you get from a dog or cat.

Until I break out in throat closing, puffy face allergic reactions I will forever snuggle and kiss and hug my fuzzy babies. I love them, and they love me. They rely on my love to get through the day, and I know I rely on theirs.

After all my tears, sadness, and my pity party for one over this news, I thought the thought I do every time I feel sick, or have bad health news.

“Someone out there is worse off then you.” and I know that I’m lucky to have the few issues I do. So I’ll take my asthma, and my 4 allergies. I’ll take them and be thankful for who I am.

JCat McGack


JCat McGack said...

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Jayme said...

I'm allergic to all that and more (grass!) but I've never had a severe reaction, thankfully. Isn't it weird that you've been around cats your entire life and am allergic? You would think that your body would have built up some kind of immunity.
Did your doc talk to you about getting allergy shots? I did them for years (annoying!!) but I haven't had any issues since.