Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What Tomorrow Will Simply Bring

Tomorrow is 2013. A shiny brand new year. Something that we all look forward to. If 2012 was good, bad or ugly, moving on is always the best. I have yet to hear someone say “Man I wish it could be 2012 forever”

2012 in a summary? Yikes… it began with vacations, vacations and more vacations. Arizona, Disney World and Michigan (twice) All great trips. Memories for a life time.
It was the summer of unforgettable adventures.
Star Wars Day, Warrior Dash, and Chicago’s Pride Parade and that was just in June!

Attempting to jog in 5K’s was a thing for me this year. Swam in mud, jumped over fire in the Warrior Dash. Then in October I was COVERED in rainbow powder from the Color Run in Iowa with a great friend of mine!

I jumped head first into a local Art Council. The Three Rivers Art Council to be exact. Joining the board and being as hands on as I could with it. Meeting great new people and pushing the arts into the community!

I spent a great amount of time with my best friend. This was one of those years when I found out how much we both need each other. I couldn’t imagine either of us getting through such and emotional summer with out each other.

This fall was busy. Buzz started Preschool, and Tink went into the 1st grade. And I started thinking of the new year (yes in September)

I came up with one great idea for myself in 2013.


To easy? No way. You’ve got to understand me, our house, and just the way I’m ‘organized’ in every way. I’m over organized, to many bins, binders, baskets, drawers… it’s all too much (Peter Walsh humor, anyone?)
I’ve spent the last few years following
Fly Lady, she has inspired me everyday to strive to have a shiny sink, and hit those hot spots. I TRY. HARD. But I’m human, so there are piles of clothes, and my sink did stay shiny for over 2 weeks! (a record for me) but the mess always out weighs the clean.

The thing is I’ve tried to organize TOO much. So “Simplify” will be the theme of the year.
I get it stuck in my head, and I remember this question “Could this be simpler?” For everything. From how I store silverware, to the laundry process.
My biggest tackle this year was the kids toys. OMG. For two kids who have zero cousins… let’s just say the amount of toys they get is OVERWHELMING. I’m no help, I could be called a “Toy enabler” I love toys as much as the next kid. I love my kids to have them. It’s just organizing it. So there is a system to how they are stored, and played with. It’s been a LONG process, and it’s not even close to being done. But it’s a good start rolling into 2013 with a plan in motion.

I’m hoping that with this idea, our life just keeps getting better. Change is great. Simple life. Simple joys. Simple process. It’s what I’ve got for 2013.

Here’s to change, here’s to a new start, here’s to moving forward.
Happy 2013 everyone!

Horn Happy NYE 2013
JCat McGack

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Lu said...

You did some great things in 2012! You've inspired me to get away from writing and DO stuff!