Monday, February 11, 2013

Proof I’m old. Example #425

Last night while digging through old toys. I came across Colorforms. I brought them out for Tink and Buzz. They were more amused with them then I thought they would be.

Tink was enjoying the Cabbage Patch Colorform. A three story house, with flaps to open. (fridge, cabinets, dressers) A thanks to Aunt Frances for parting with your favorite childhood toy! Tink set up the whole house and had me come check out what she had done.

Me “Looks great, everyone’s watching tv”
Tink “Yea, but I can’t find the remote for the tv.”
Me “Well back when I was a kid we didn’t have remotes. You’d go up to the tv and change the channel. ON the tv” 
Tink “So EVERY time you wanted to change the channel. You got out of your chair?!”
Me “Well there wasn’t as many channels to go through”
Tink “Well how did you do the OnDemand?”
Me “Sigh. We didn’t have OnDemand. We used a book we bought each week, called the TV Guide”
Tink just STARES at me. And says “So what’s with the bug antenna’s on the tv?”
Me. “Um, that’s so we could get a good picture on the screen…”
Tink “What? That is so weird”
Me “Note, this is why all we did was play with toys all day, or play outside. TV was just to complicated”
Tink “I would have just played with the Nook or the laptop instead”
Me. Palm to forehead. Walks away.

JCat McGack

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Nicole said...

LOL. That's so true. It's like when I tried to explain to my kids the time when no one had cell phones and there wasn't any internet. They simply couldn't comprehend it. And to be fair, sometimes it's hard for me to remember how it used to be, too. How did we find answers to our questions?