Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chop it off and own it.

A day that I thought I was running Tink to Quick Care to check out an ‘ear infection’ that she was sent home from school for, ended up being “She’s FINE!” in and out of the doctor in 15 minutes, and $25 wasted on a visit.

I thought I’d make my visit to J-Town worth my while and called my Mom, the Queen, who was in town as well. She was just finishing work, and was on her way over to the doctors to visit with Tink and I.

We headed out to a late lunch at Taco Bell and Tink (again) brought up she wanted her hair cut short. She was inspired by her American Girl doll Kit.


She has long hair, down to the middle of her back. The Queen said she’d pay if Tink really wanted her hair cut, and off to the nearest Hair Trimmery we went.


We pulled it back into a pony tail and CHOPPED it off. After a bit, The Queen said she’d pay for me too to get a trim… well lets just say my ‘trim’ took my hair from this…

Me Thanksgiving 2011

To this…


Chopped it off 2011

So off with our hair. Both of us chin length. We walked out acting like rock stars. Chatting all the way home about our new short hair.

Soon after we were home, something changed. She broke down and said she HATED her hair. She cried, and screamed that she wanted it all back. Sobbing, and being angry at her new look, I was crushed because I couldn’t fix it. I then went into my own hate for my hair, as my hair takes FOR.EV.ER to grow back.

Tink on the other hand had this same hair cut last fall and it grew super long in a years time. I couldn’t break down over my short hair in fear that I would upset Tink even more. I reassured her that mornings would be faster getting ready, no more tangled hair, and we could SO use all her super cute hair clips.

I know with a blow dryer, and a round brush I can perk mine up, and I always say it’s how you rock your look. Own it.

It may take a few days for us to really ‘rock our look’ with the confidence that we should. I do think a bit of hair shock is going on right now around our house.

While we are still in shock over our hair, after some chatting, she said what if we had twin clothes, twin everything to be the same. It was a boost of confidence, from my 5 year old little girl. So I guess chopping off both of our hair was a good idea. We are in this together, short hair and all.

Hoping our confidence comes through sooner then later, and we do what we always do, rock our look, and own it.

JCat McGack

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