Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 the big list

Her it is. The list I make every year. You know that one where I say what I’d LOVE to do to change my life, big or small.

The list that is the new me. The way I want to be. What I want to strive to be.

It’s always good to make change. I’m one of those happy optimistic people who embrace new ideas. Don’t get me wrong, I’m comfortable with the old way just as much as the next guy but you don’t know.

After searching ‘Pinterest’ for a great ‘Change’ quote. I came up with my own.  “I don’t want to change THE world. I just want to change MY world.”

Sounds selfish? Nope. Who isn’t out there to better themselves? And hoping a better me, makes a better world.

So onto the ‘list’ of BRILLIANT idea’s, thoughts and wishes for myself for this Twenty 12.

  • Weight loss. I think I’ve saved this one for last before, but let’s not fool anyone. Pretty much everyone I know has this one on their list. Speaking of Pinterest, I did find this to be quite inspiring…New me. not meAnd on the weight loss thought… let’s just say it will be it’s own blog post.
  • Milltown sales. Simple enough, but quite complicated. This Milltown is an antique mall. We rent a booth, to sell all the crap in our houses (my mom and I are in together) great idea, like a permanent garage sale. Higher prices, and we don’t baby sit it. Either way I’d rather MAKE things to sell. SO I should probably MAKE things, and SELL them. Otherwise all my great idea’s will stay trapped in my head! (dangerous place to stay!!)
  • LESS stuff. we have a messy house because we have TOO much stuff, and the golden rule of “a place for everything, and everything in it’s place” is NOT working here! It’s simple. Or it should be. Much simpler. We’ve just got TOO much.
  • Garden better. I tried two years ago to garden a TON of flower beds, in result I’ve got 5 beds… NOT well maintained AT all. To a point where I loathe gardening. I do love it, it was just becoming more of a job then a hobby. Need to make it, again, simpler. Baby steps.
  • Be nicer. Sounds easy. But since I’ve had kids, and I fought with PPD so much I just seem to snap so much more. I’m short, rude, and to the people I love most. It’s a work in progress. But always trying.
  • More art room time. Sounds greedy. But it’s what I do. Some people watch t.v. I sit in an art room with my cats and chill. I need to balance it so I get down there more, but it doesn’t take away from my family life, and housework.
  • Family time. I make this the most important thing in my life. My family of 4 gets my attention over any one else. But my wonderful family of 3 that I started with, Queen, Carrots and Frances. I have to make sure they are around me as often as I can see them. They are what made me me.

Have to laugh, after I wrote out all I want to change, about 80% of this list is EXACTLY what I said last year. Not that I didn’t do these things in 2011 but, I’m glad I’ve got goals to keep striving for.

So Happy New Year to you, hoping this Twenty 12 is good to you, that you grow and change, that you accept your life, or make it better. YOU are your own change.

JCat McGack

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