Monday, December 12, 2011

Who’s getting socks this year?

Sunday was the big day for our little Village of 12,000 people to light the big tree. It was an all day event where they had a bunch of great activities for the kids, cookie decorating…







IMG_3638A very cool project that all the kids said “Shrinky dinks? oh…OK”

While all of us parents squee’d  “SHRINKY DINKS!” while our minds instantly raced back to the happy days of the 80’s where everything was simple. Wishing for My Little Ponies, or Easy Bake Ovens. And while lost in our nostalgic time warp it’s quickly interrupted by a whiney kid. Bam. Back to reality.

There was a new addition this year, and it was Frosty the Snowman. The kids LOVED him. Seeing that they JUST saw him on tv the night before. LOTS of high 5’s for this guy!


Buzz was not so much into Santa, more concerned for Frosty, and those cookies he was guarding.

Tink however was ALL about Santa, she didn’t so much want to sit on his lap (creepy anyway) so I went with and we sat with Santa, she chatted away about the “Sleeping Beauty Castle” she’s been asking for for months. Thankfully I was up there and said “How about you ask for something that is NOT $70 for yet another castle to add to your princess castle land you ALREADY have”  “What else do you want?”

She then thought of her new love for LalaLoopsy toys, (phew, that’s what she’s getting… Santa told me that) she giggled at the teeny tiny candy cane he gave her. Gave him a big ol’ high 5 and said see you soon!

“See you soon” started a few questions as to “Why do we see Santa SO much? Does he live close to us"?”

I said “Santa has lots of visits to make, needs to KEEP checking on you and ALL the other kids around the world. LOTS of face time.”

Santa Mommy and Mia 2011

I have to say this is my new favorite of Tink and I. Both smiling, both with our new hair cuts. Love it.

Wished we were there a bit earlier for the horse carriage rides! But the line was long and the kids wanted to do the events inside. Next year!



We all went outside for the lighting of the tree. A group of about 40 or so people were there. Santa and Frosty, Village President, and some other political must have’s.

Little Miss Channahon and the two runner up girls were there to hit the switch for the lights.

We had to say 40 degrees was one of the warmest for the event

A good night of hot chocolate cookies, crafts, and reminding the kids about Santa and just enjoying a night of being together as a family.

Happy that the Elf on the Shelf is doing his job around our house, and so are the Santa Camera’s (simply said Smoke detectors. Think about it. They are EVERYWHERE. Schools, restaurants, stores, and everyone's homes and up ALL year for full watch!)

Enjoying them believing so whole heartedly about Santa Claus. I hope it last for a long time… rule is, when you stop believing, that’s the year you get socks.

JCat McGack

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