Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let it…


GASP! NO! Snow?! Who asks for it? Well there IS a percentage of us that live here in Chicagoland that, while we are SERIOUSLY loving these 50+ degree days in January, are ready to embrace winter.

YES, snow, that blows and drifts. YES the cold that makes it hard to breathe, YES the winds, and ice and make you count down till spring weather. I’ll take it.

I was born with that inner love for all the seasons. I NEED them. I NEED the newest of spring, the anticipation of my flowers to peek from the dirt, for the sunshine to be warm again, and for hoodies to work their way to just t-shirts, warm days but with a chill that makes you look forward to the summer.


Then that urge for heat. Not just a warm day, but that HOT, HUMID, nasty summer, because those are few and only last a short while here. Most summer days are sunny, and warm, 80’s and beautiful. Green grass (sometimes fried brown) but biking, swimming, walking, windows down kind of weather. The it’s SO nice out I can’t stay inside to read this book, I MUST go out and enjoy it nice weather.

Me in a kayak

And then comes the end of September, when I’m tired of heat, tired of shorts and t-shirts. When I yearn for hoodies, sweat pants, and a coat. Some warm cider and getting ready for the crazy Holiday season.

Tink BZ 2011

And then after the Holidays, I am ready for winter. I’ll have to say while winter and snow and blizzards are at the bottom of my wish list for seasons, it’s not one I hate. I’ve never hated snow, and I’ve never wished to live somewhere warm year round. I’m seriously in love with this winter, since we were given and extra month of warm weather, and when I say warm I mean 50’s. We don’t get that here!

My sister, Frances, her birthday is January 7th, and ever since I can remember some sort of ice, snow or horrible sleet storm of sorts comes through. This year? I was outside in a t-shirt and sweats, taking down my Christmas lights and cutting back some plants I had missed. How crazy, to have such a warm winter.

But today is our last day of 50’s. It’s been so sunny and warm out. But 4-8 inches of snow, and 30 degree weather being the warmest are coming tomorrow, and Friday. This weekend will be bitter cold. And again not that I’m asking for it, but let’s just say I’ll take it.


It’s why we love to live where we live. I don’t really get the people who HATE winter, who BITCH about it constantly, if you hate it SO much then MOVE AWAY from it! Maybe it’s the optimist in me. (and note as much as I don’t have to drive to work every day, I HAVE driven to work, I HAVE driven in more then one white out, I have spun out on black ice, slipped and landed on my back on ice. YES winter is mean, but so are sun burns. I just choose NOT to rag about it. So quiteyerbitchin)

Well here’s to the snow, the green grass, lazy days in the pool, and cool days by the fire pit! Now, instead of whining about it, let me know what your FAVORITE part of winter is. No matter where you live… and go… (leave it in the comments below!)

JCat McGack

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JCat McGack said...

I have to laugh at the fact that my last two posts are about weather. I must be desperate for topics!