Tuesday, January 3, 2012



Around our house it’s all about the sunshine, in the winter months here in south of Chicago, it’s gloomy more days then it’s sunny. So we take what we can get.

As a human you know that a bit of sunshine is good for our soul, it brightens and makes the day better.

Now as my Sophie, our beloved Boxer the sunshine has ALWAYS been a big part of her life. On the days when it’s warm outside she waits. Patiently. For the sun to come across the deck in the back. (the sun rises in the front of our house, so it’s often not until 11 am when she can finally lay right at the very edge of the deck for the sunshine)

She’s often been called ‘Solar Sophie’ because I swear she needs sunshine to exist. If there is no sunshine, she is indoors all day, and has Buzz to keep her company.

Alex and Sophie

She loves it warm, hot and sunny. Cold rainy days just seem to make her sad and mopy. It’s become a tradition around our house, that the first sign of sunlight you yell “SUNSHINE!”

We are often in the loft on the second floor in the morning, and all of a sudden the rising sun comes through the upstairs window and floods the loft with warm sunshine, kids yelling “SUNSHINE! SOPHIE!! SUNSHINE!” we run to the front door, pull it open and push her bed into the sunshine.

And right on cue, she runs to her bed, does her traditional dog circles and gets comfy.


I know Sophie’s never been a fan of rainy days, or gloomy overcast days. I do believe that when her sister Maggie became super sick, it was a 3 week span of more rain then sun.

And on April 19th 2011 it was cold, dark and gloomy. That was the day we decided that the cancer was too much. And we took her Maggie away. After leaving the vets office, I remember it was pouring rain. It rained the rest of that day, and then the next two days till Maggie’s birthday on April 21st.

Maggie last night

And then the sun came out. To me I think it’s her Maggie coming by to say good morning, I miss you, take care of them for me.

The sunshine to me often reminds me of those gone from this world, and my Maggie May is no exception to this. To me personally as a child, I lost my Grandma Wanda to cancer at the young age of 11, I’ve always thought of her when I saw sunshine. As if she was watching over me. I do think Sophie thinks the same way, sunshine has always been a love of hers, but she knows too now that it’s her Maggie as well watching over her.

So a day where a sunbeam lands on you, remember loved ones past, they are shining down on you. Keeping you safe, and warm.

Hope you have a sunshine filled day,

JCat McGackSophie Fall Sunshine 2011

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