Thursday, January 26, 2012

The worst chore

Record player on skip… I loathe laundry. I, like most of the people out there are NOT fans of laundry, in the sense of putting it away. I am pretty damn lazy about it. Nope, I won’t even make up excuses. I SUCK at laundry.

To the point where Blue has (FINALLY) decided that he will do his own, now make sure to note in the picture his clothes are on the top of the closet, nice, neat and ready to wear.

He does one to two loads a week. He irons and hangs 5 work days of clothes on his weekend off. I am inspired by his routine.

Now I’ve got Tink and Buzz’s clothes, in which I keep clean, and put away, my laziness lands there in the fact that I have an issue with parting with old clothes. I mean Tink is in 5T clothes, and since she’s a wee 35 lbs. she can still wear SO many smaller clothes. Especially in her sundresses, and shorts.

Now me… well there is the weight issue. Like most, I have the clothes from when I was 35 lbs. lighter, and I do NOT keep the ones from when I was bigger then I am now. I am NOT going back to that weight. But the span of clothes over 35 lbs. is… well… a lot of clothes.


Why are the clothes on the floor? Well I’m too damn lazy to put them away. Yep, I try on something,and put it on the floor. So yes this is all clean clothes. (Again note Blue’s nice space above)

So this is what I’m up to today, it’s taken a whole pot of coffee to motivate me to start this project…


I removed all the clothes from inside the closet. And put them on my bed, I’m going to try on what I don’t know. If I will wear it. It goes in. If not it goes OUT the door for donation. (I’ve got a bag started already)

I thought I share this, not because I’m proud, and not because I’m procrastinating (well maybe a bit) but it’s helpful to me to post a before, and hear from my super organized friends, who root me on, and then I give you an after picture… fingers crossed I can make my carpet here appear again!

JCat McGack


Scandalous said...

sock pairs. Although that's easier now as I get the most ridiculous sock patterns to ensure that task isn't horrific. Pairing dad's socks as a kid- different shades of navy, black and white, were... annoying.

But damn I do need to organize my closet too :(

Brat7318 said...

Two peas in a pod in the laundry department, you and me!!!! I loathe doing the laundry.... Brian does all the laundry but he refuses to put the girls' clothes away. Including mine lately... his opinion.... why should he put their stuff away when I bought it all. I will fold all their laundry but then leave it in piles on their floor... and I will try something on and then leave it also. It drives Brian crazy. I think the girls have more clothes than Me, Brian and Patrick put together... but why put something away when they change their clothes sometimes 3-4x a day... XOXOXOX Good Luck

Sandy said...

I hate laundry almost as much as I hate dishes (and I have a dishwasher!) Something about having to load the dishwasher that sucks! Laundry is annoying! Lucky for you that Blue does his own. Now that I am not working, I have to do laundry too. Don't mind washing and drying....folding is okay to be done in front of the tv or something, but putting away is my pet peeve too! I do it, but don't like it! Good luck to you getting organized! I have way more than just a closet to clean out and organize and at my leisure, I will get it done! That's what being retired is all about!

Speedy Reads aka "the Author of this Mess" said...

Hey man! So I finally logged into FB and saw your post about politics (totally agree, btw) and then a link to this blog. I didn't even know you had one, but I clicked on the picture of the closet because it's so damn similar to what I've got going on over here. sigh. And then, I see you've got hyperboleandahalf (one of my FAVES) on your blogroll and I am officially impressed! Great job!