Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One for another

In this life there is the quote about when one life is lost, another is created.

In our life, we lost our Maggie May. She was our boxer for 7 1/2 years, and she was lost suddenly to cancer. The loss of our Maggie hurt, the loss was most painful to myself and our other boxer Sophie.

In my husbands defense, he was working back to back shifts for the weeks around her passing, and said that the fact that he worked so much, he hadn’t had the same time we did, sitting around the house thinking about her.

The children at the time were 4 and 2, so they at the time knew she was gone, to be in dog heaven and wait for us there. Where she is happy and healthy again. They were not upset, more so would say they missed her being around.

So you ask what is the new life created here? This is…

Alex and Sophie Sleep 2012


Sophie has lost her best friend Maggie, for 6 1/2 years they were inseparable. Play, sleep and live side by side. Now with being alone and as Buzz get’s older (he will be 4 in April) he grows more and more attached to Sophie. They play more, he learns to respect her, and she couldn’t be more gentle with him even though she’s a 60 pound solid energy bound dog.

The two have the perfect chance to spend ALL day together. With me being a Stay At Home Mom to these two, and while Blue is at work all day, and Tink is in full time Kindergarten, the day is there’s to explore, play and bond.

Sophie n Buzz Nov 2011

I find that in the healing process for Sophie and I is to remember our Maggie, but at the same time to create a new way to move on. And thanks to Buzz, I think Sophie has found just what she needed. A new chapter in her life. She is learning how strange a little boy is, but she goes on any adventure he leads her on.

I won’t lie, my heart is scared for the fact that Sophie is 7 1/2. And boxers are only averaged to a life of 8-9 years, I fear on how crushed my little boy will be when he looses his first best friend.

But for now, we will enjoy our Sophie, every wiggle, every head turn, every snuggle, every jumping, barking happy moment she gives.

JCat McGack

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