Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Because I can.

I put on my neon shoes today. Because I can.

I put on Sophie’s leader.
I put on her coat.

I put on my yoga pants. Hoodie. Hat.
I put on my P!nk and Nikki Minaj music.
I went for a walk.
I went for a jog.

I was sick this morning. I felt blah.

I pushed myself.

Because I can.

Because some people I know can’t put on their shoes.

Because some people I know can’t walk. Can’t jog.

Because some people don’t have their dogs anymore.

Because some people can’t hear.

Because some people my age are not here anymore. Gone too soon.

Because they can’t, is why I do.

They’d love to walk their dog one more time.

They’d love to put on their shoes.

They’d love to walk, or jog.

They’d love to hear music.

I can put on my shoes. I can walk. I can jog. I have my dog. I have my health. I have my hearing. I have the strength.

There is no excuse to NOT get outside. Enjoy the last day of warm weather before winter hits. To do what so many others would love to do again, or for the first time.

I can. I will.



JCat McGack said...

Had issues logging into Blogger, this was from last week, not today's date. Bah!

Maternal Mirth said...

This is why we should be neighbors.