Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This Girl.



She’s all girly. As much as I try to make sure she has a bit of tomboy in her. She pushes for her skirts, accessories and more pink then I can handle.



I love her for her sassiness, for her quiet serious self. For her love of books, and learning. When she needs to get her Secret Reader and write and draw all about her day. (I’ve got to say thanks to Judy B. Jones books for that one)

She’s silly, goofy, and so many parts me. She’s not shy, she’s brave, she’s willing to take chances and put herself out there.


I’ve got to say she’s got her moments, where she retreats, keeps things to herself, and enjoys her alone time, like her dad, Blue does.

I love to watch her. To see what moment she’s like me, what moment she’s like Blue. And what moments she’s ALL Mia.

At 6 1/2 she’s getting SO big, so independent, and very much her own self. Being on the journey of being a parent is Thanks my Meha <3


*Note her SUPER curly hair, after baths we put in the soft rollers overnight. She LOVES her dresses and skirts, and the last picture is her “PINK DAY!” OMG, she picked out ALL the pink she could find, and ROCKED it.

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