Friday, February 3, 2012

36 years to Hollywood

My dearest husband, Blue, is turning 36 on Tuesday February 7th, and so we had our date night to celebrate it!

He’s been talking about this movie theater he wanted to try out. It’s not a normal movie theater by far. It’s a genius concept, and it will be hard to go back to the old regular theater after last night!

I mean your every day theater is a lobby with an arcade to amuse children, glass counter, with popcorn, candy and some small food options. Theaters now a day have WAY better seating, I am a fan of reclining chairs, and arm rests that can move. Bleacher seating has spoiled me as well. So I do love the regular movies, it’s a great place for families, for my children and I, but if you want a more adult experience…

You go to Hollywood Blvd, or Hollywood Palms theater and we have lobby, COVERED in memorabilia, décor is awesome, there is TWO bars for adults, tall tables to sit at, full dinner, deserts, and a waiter IN your show?! You want more, well check out my review…

Let’s start at the beginning, you come in to this HUGE lobby, and I mean there are tables all over, adult HIGH tables, and there is a bar there to the left ( see picture below. It was closed at the time) and straight ahead is a HUGE bar.

From what I see on their website they have celebrities come by and do signings and some premiers for their movies. Sometimes they do old movies and have the actors come by as well.

Feb 12 Lobby far

Oh and I didn’t get a picture of the front of the building, they had the car from Blues Brothers mounted to the roof! Spotlights up in the sky going, and it is located in a strip mall! LOVE it!

Feb 12 Lobby Ticket

We headed over to the ticket counter, it was the LAST night to see Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

I’m not usually one for the MI series, but it wasn’t my birthday!

I have to say after that one, I laughed, sat on the edge of my seat, my anxiety was through the roof on the missions, and at one point I cried! It was a great movie! Tom Cruise at what he does best.

Feb 12 Movie hall view


After getting the tickets, and pointing at all the cool posters (I’ll show you my favorite in a bit) we sat by the end of the bar, to wait to be called for our movie.

Yes your movie gets called, that they are seating for it. You don’t get to go in before hand.

Our table was a man hole cover. Pretty ingenious if you ask me.


Feb 12 table

Feb 12 Lobby statue


This handsome and shiny guy was hanging out by us, I wish I had taken a picture of the GIANT Buddha on the other side (I’m sure I’ll be back to paparazzi the place again!)

And on the wall next to us, was all kinds of hands and footprints from famous people.



Feb 12 Goonies


Oh and I’ve GOT to show you my ALL time favorite movie poster! I’ll always be a Goonie!








Feb 12 BW us Bday

Had some fun editing the pictures, this one is Blue and I in the lobby.

I have to say, at first I thought this picture came out a bit weird.

But I wanted to embrace the bright colors of the theater behind us. But almost freeze us in time with the classic black and white

Let me just say, I will miss Picnik website, for all their amazing photo editing freeness when they shut down in April. Boo. Hoo. I need a new free one… suggestions welcome.

Feb 12 Motion

I was trying to get the previous picture, but in the efforts, it took about 5 shots of us together. My dear husband is NOT a fan of the camera, and after the first 3 he was like SERIOUSLY?!

I think he worries what people around us will think. Plus he HATES himself in all his pictures. So THIS picture I LOVE.

It’s us in motion. Me asking for one more shot, and him REALLY not wanting to take another one!

Finally we were called to see our movie! We went through the very decorative gates…

Feb 12 Movie entrance

Feb 12 Hall

And down the hall…

I have to say if I stopped to take a picture of ALL that there is to see here, we would be here forever.

LOTS of detail, gaudy, and fun.





At the end of the movie theater hall there is a HUGE museum like area FULL of glass boxes with costumes worn by actors and what movie they are from! We didn’t’ go there till after our movie was out, and that was after 11, and Blue gets up at 4:45 am, so he was TIRED and new the next day would be rough, so we went through fast.

I did take this one, of Katherine Heigel’s dress from 27 Dresses, there is another one of her dresses on the other side as well!

They had SO many things to look at, there was Will Smith’s shirt from Hancock, and one of the big space pod things from Austin Powers, the back wall was FULL of molds of faces of celebrities.

Feb 12 27 Dresses

Feb 12 Grinch


OMG, I freaked, I’m a HUGE Jim Carey, and Grinch fan (I have a collection of 4 Grinch dolls that are out at Christmas. LOVE’M!)

So this, whatever it is, I had to take a picture of.

(again rushed, and didn’t get to read what it was)




Onto the show!

Now you go into the theater, and sit in a big comfy leather office chair. Your seated at a long counter about 12” deep. You can sit at a counter for two (along the walls) or in the middle at a counter for four. With only  of us in the theater, we took the table for four, and spread out a bit.

That guy behind my head, Adam, came to our table and since it was our first time said this…

“My name is Adam. I am your server. Just like in a restaurant. We have a full service menu, drinks, food, alcohol and deserts. Order, and I will be in to check on you every 20 minutes or so. It’s a longer movie so I may be in more often”

It was awesome. We did see a 9:00pm movie so we had eaten dinner already, but that didn’t stop me from getting some Moe Sticks (motz sticks) and Blue chose a big ol’ brownie with ice cream, we ditched the alcohol since we wanted to stay awake during the movie and enjoyed some good raspberry ice tea.

Food was good, movie was GREAT, theater was amazing. Over all, I’m quite proud of the birthday present I chose for Blue!

Feb 12 MI Ghost Proto

Happy 36th Birthday… it’s a long way off from your 22nd when we first met.  And I have to say this life of mine is great, growing old with you!

JCat McGack


Jayme said...

OK, I love stuff like this! I love working at Hollywood with all the memorabilia....especially one of the pairs of Judy Garland's ruby slippers that I would walk past several times a shift. Tell me...where exactly is this place? I think I need to go next time I am in town!!

Jayme said...

OK, nevermind, I saw the website and found the location! Duh!