Thursday, February 23, 2012

Give it up.

Yes I’m talking about the ever so wonderful season of Lent. Raised Roman Catholic, this was a BIG thing around me. For 20+ years I would fast from meat on Ash Wednesday (yesterday) and every Friday until Easter Sunday.

Well now fast forward to me being 33, NOT being Catholic anymore. BUT still giving things up for Lent. Sounds odd, but my husband still plays along with the fasting of meat (which seriously messed with my menu this week. So I went to Culvers for his Religious reasons, and bought fish) and giving things up.

I said it’s like I slacked off from my New Years Resolutions for the last 54 days of 2012. So lets start over on Ash Wednesday. AND make a big deal of Fat Tuesday, because who doesn’t love a day to indulge on everything we shouldn’t for the fact that people say we should?! Plus saying I’m only giving it up for the next 40 days makes it that much easier.

And so with out further ado, here is my list of things I’m going to attempt to give up. Start to do. Or do better… (please don’t laugh till the end. Thankyou.)

  1. One carb a day. So my 1/2 bagel for breakfast? That’s it!
  2. Exercise of some sort EVERYDAY. Warrior Dash is coming soon… 100 plus some days. Will be here before I know it.
  3. Do dishes after every meal. Shiny sink at night.
  4. WE will not buy fast food (if someone else, say his parents do. It’s ok. BUT we still are on the one carb rule.)
  5. I am TRYING to stay on top of housework like a champ. Not like the slacker that has taken over me the last 6 years. But really try hard.
  6. Blog more. Comment more.
  7. Balance time. Again this is a BIG new year one. I think from 2011’s list.

Well that’s what I’ve got for now. Not too crazy of a list right? I’m sure I’ll break those, all of them. But hey I can’t say I didn’t humor the idea. Oh and just to give my husband something to shake his head at. I enjoy eating meat every Friday in Lent. It’s the agnostic thing to do. (cheesy smile here)

Until my next post!

JCat McGack

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