Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy has taken over

This happened…


And then this happened…


And this as well…


I think a combination of Fly Lady, my mom the Queen, and my amazingly OCD clean friends DMudd and Maternal Mirth have take over my mind.

I mean this is my house clean… it’s been like this for DAYS. I mean we are going on a week of made beds, dishes done, laundry caught up, clutter picked up and dinners made.

I’m motivated to get up early, to spend time with my children, to scrapbook, sew and create.

I want to start planning my garden for this spring, and I want to clean out my garage. I want to have a clean happy home.

AND I’m happy all the time. Sounds too good to be true. But it’s the old me. I’m back. I fought Post Partum Depression, and it was hard. I had NO meds, no therapy… unless you consider my much needed 2 hour phone calls to Maternal Mirth who seriously helped me cope. But when I though I was better, I still wasn’t. But I had accepted the fact that I was sick. And after years (I guess after a while it’s called Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) of dealing with being depressed, and down on myself, my house, and how I acted, I kept telling myself I’d get better.

Me 06-11

I think my positive, glass half full, optimistic look on life got the better of me. Took over, and is winning by far.


I’m glad to be back. I know it’s made my husband, Blue, happier. The kids happier. what depression will do to the whole household.

Like they say “If Momma ain’t happy. Ain’t nobody happy”

JCat McGack

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Dominique said...

House looks great! And you do too! Love you!