Monday, February 27, 2012

Sharks for lunch, and ketchup faces!


Lunch for the kids is the same routine day in and day out. Something healthy, something they WANT to eat, and to get them to be on the same plate isn’t always easy.

Today I opted for the deli chicken, slice of American cheese, pepperoni slices (Buzz/Alex only) and shark cheese crackers.

I have before just put it ALL on a plate, but I’ve learned if I take the time (a few minutes extra) I get this sweet giggly reaction to lunch, bonus. PLUS I get them to eat in minutes, with out having to say, eat. take a bite. eat. eat. take a bite.

Buzz is learning his name (I know, I know, I let you all in on my kids name! GASP secret identity revealed!) so anything with his name, is cool. Especially the X. He LOVES the X.


Tink/Mia loved her plate too. The sharks swimming around her letters, and happy to NOT have pepperoni on her plate.


I do this with most meals. If I can create art with food, so be it! Plus it just looks more appetizing! Another one I do often, is Buzz likes to have his mac and cheese on a plate (I have one with a high edge) I spread it out flat, cools MUCH faster, and he LOVES ketchup on his. So I LOVE making some sort of face. Happy, tongue out, or sad if he’s grumpy.

When you take the time to make just about anything for a kid fun. The odds of them doing it, eating it or wearing it seem much better!

JCat McGack


Jayme said...

You're such a fun mom! Love it! Who sells those shark crackers?

JCat McGack said...

Hello! The sharks come from Aldi foods. They taste like the goldfish crackers but a bit lighter.