Thursday, May 3, 2012

I want to sell me.

I read.

I read lots and lots of fantastic books, and magazines, and pretty $15 magazines, Where Women Create is my favorite.

I like to get idea’s, I like to live in other people’s worlds. To know that a world of being something BIG, even if it’s small town, and a small business, it’s BIG to their world.

I want that. I want to be something BIG to me.

Sure I talk of my dream job. The Zoo. Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo to be exact. I mean it WAS my job for a day. 


And it’s not a imaginary job, but it takes SO much time and dedication, SO much schooling and where I am in life with my kids and my family… well those are my excuses. My new path in animal love is to volunteer when I can. To read my books and watch my shows to learn as much as I can about them.

And like everyone else I have other dreams. Big ideas. And I read these magazines, see websites, blogs, and books about women who have taken what they love SO much and created a store, a website store, even if it’s just to make enough money to buy more product to make more of what they love.

I’ve always had this knack for making things. I claim to be pretty damn artsy fartsy and I love to create… BUT I don’t seem to really settle on ONE thing.

Let’s go back to my dream idea before I start rattling off my long list of creative loves… the dream is to have a store. Well it WAS a dream. But realizing a physical store requires you away from your family and loved ones. And in the economy, I’m not really sure I could even afford to rent space in order to do this.

But then something like Etsy came along, and all of it’s online wonderfulness. Or the town nearby has stores, that would let you sort of ‘rent’ a space in their store and sell what you make…right now I’ve got a booth with my mom. It’s in an antique mall. And 99% of the stuff is vintage or antique. Great place, great to clean out my house, just not great for my dream.

What would I sell? Hmmm….

I’ve sold my Ugly Sock Monsters before…


We can put these guys under sewing… well here’s a list of everything I can and love to do creatively.

I sew.

For the love of sewing it’s all due to my mom. She’s been sewing since, well forever. She bought me a sewing machine when I was in my 20’s and I’m pretty sure it sat in a box for 5 years before I even looked at it. I do enjoy it. And I’ve been hoarding ALL the fabric that I like from clothes that are on their way out the door to ‘create’ with.

I paint.

High School art class taught me that. Watercolor is fun, acrylic is random, and it’s a good stress relief.

I draw.

Cartoons to be exact. I love Disney characters. Bad guys and animals are the easy one’s for me. I’d love to take the time to sketch more, to practice, to remember the basics again.

I do clay.

It’s easy stuff. Stays soft till you bake it. Good because I’ve got a 5 month project STILL half finished on my counter!

I scrapbook.

THIS is a hobby I stayed away from. I KNEW once I got in, it’d be trouble. Well trouble it is. But I love to capture life, stories, every day events, and all about me. In pictures, papers and my art. I traditional scrapbook in the big ol’ 12x12 size. I’ve done 6x6, 8 1/2 x11, 8x8, in a journal, in a mini book. I love to try them all.

I rubber stamp.

When I was a kid we took a family vacation to St. Augustine Florida, my Aunt and Uncle live there. My mom and I came across a Rubber Stamp Store, we fell in love with the idea. 15 years later we learned of Stampin’ Up! rubber stamp company, within 2 years I was selling it as a demonstrator. Did that for 6 years.

And out of all of those my basement is where they call home. I have 1/2 as my beloved art room. YES I have a HUGE purple room dedicated to my love for art. I share it with family and friends, and most of all my children when they are creating as well.

What the problem is?

Problem is my personality. There is this amazing book that I found out about from my good friend Tiff. WAY back in 2003.

Personality Plus

Personality Plus

It’s a book with a personality test. Then it breaks it down. Your positives, your negatives, and how to work with what you’ve got. I love it. I had my family take the tests and it’s amazing how ON point this book was. I suggest EVERYONE read it. And it’s amazing for people who work together as well.

So before I go into a 10 paragraph book review. I’ll get back to my point.

This book said it. And it’s true.

No Follow-Through. But good intention too.

I start projects, BRILLIANT ideas… again, not a good finisher.

THIS was on point with me. I call it procrastination at it’s best, they call it my personality.

SO with all that in mind. HOW do I follow through with this? With any idea of selling art, of making my creativity actually work in this world I’ve made. I’m a SAHM with my free time numbered. When Buzz goes to school full time in the fall of 2013, it’s a good time for me to get a J.O.B.

And believe me I want more money around this house, so we can enjoy things OUTSIDE of this house again.

Do you think it’s possible. With my no follow through personality, with my procrastination at it’s best, but with my willing to WANT to create, and to make it out there in the world… could I?

I’m not saying have a billion dollar idea, and a rocking chain of art stores. I’m just saying that I’m inspired everyday to create, to share my creation, to teach to others the basics of creating… and to possibly make money doing this…

Now where do I begin?


JCat McGack

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