Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Very Merry UnBirthday

Almost 6. Well school is celebrating your birthday today Wednesday May 2nd since your real birthday is June 2nd, and we want to make all the kids have a school year birthday.


We started the night before out with sponge rollers in your hair (and one Velcro roller for your bangs)

It’s only Wednesday and this is the second time this week you’ve had me wash and roll your hair for fun curls.

I love that your willing to try out new looks with me. Even if you looked like orphan Annie right after I took them out Monday morning.

Today’s hair was awesome. JUST curly enough (no tight sponges, or rubber space ship Tie Fighters (from Star Wars) we just did these spongy ones. LOVE.


Oh, lookie what I got up early to make for Tink… by the magic of Disney World I had this great pin (this year when we went, they would celebrate ANYTHING. So each kid had birthday pins on)

I used my beloved Cricut cutting machine, cut out Belle on skin colored paper, colored her, and added a cute pearl. Some foam dimension adhesive behind. And WALA. 15 minutes and I had a PERFECT birthday pin for her to wear ALL day at school.

We are SO modest. I know.


Buzz WAS my assistant while MAKING the cupcakes, then when we started the process of decorating. He WAS my assistant only as long as the first one was decorated. He was just in it to get his share!



Drove the cupcakes to school. Ready with the pink princess cupcakes ordered by the princess loving birthday girl herself. I about had to bribe the front desk lady to let ME take them to the classroom. She was telling me she would just run them back and drop them off.

Gah! No. My daughter wanted ME to do it. I wanted to take pictures while they ate. SO glad I insisted that the teacher Mrs. M KNEW I was coming down (jeez I should have just said I was helping in the class room. They NEVER ask then)

SO onto the cuteness. And I’m SO super happy I was there to catch all this!

Tink was allowed to pick one friend to help her. She picked Azz. Who is her bestest friend.

FIRST they had to hand out napkins to each of the kids.


Then, ONE cupcake at a time, Tink and Azz passed them out. Funny watching. They were totally all over the room. I think it was in order of their friends first.


After cupcake fun we took some fun pictures. They all YELLED '”BIRTHDAYYY” and we did all GIRLS first, with Mrs. M…


Then Tink with the boys (we were short about 3 boys. But they are still SUPER outnumbered in this class!)


ALL together now…


AND for your viewing pleasure here is Tink while her class SCREAMS Happy Birthday and some award winning High 5’s at the end.

I ended her day by surprising her by telling her she could be a ‘Car rider’ home. (BIG deal for the bus rider kids. They LOVE when parents pick them up early!)

Took her to Culvers to get some ice cream. And home to enjoy the rest of her Very Merry UnBirthday!

JCat McGack

Oh AND I got a heads up from her teacher, that myself AND my friend (who’s son is in Mia’s class) we BOTH were chosen from the ‘lottery system’ to attend the Brookfield Zoo field trip coming up. YOU KNOW I’m excited.

Very Merry UnBirthday

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