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May the 4th Be With You

I JUST read this on Facebook, thanks to my friends and other Star Wars junkies for letting me know! I’m still new to this obsession of Star Wars. And well a national holiday is a must for a post about how this franchise has taken over part of my world…

Star Wars 4th


My good friend Paco’s son is older now and growing out of his kid toys. So they gave Buzz this awesome Darth Vader helmet. I mean it’s SO cool. An adjustable mask with a back helmet that attaches on, so you get the WHOLE helmet feel, and the voice box that really works.

At first it was a novelty to have around the house. Funny to play with. But he didn’t have a clue to who this was. Or what it would mean to him someday.

Return of the Jedi 2012

I took this picture this winter. Blue decided that Buzz  needed to learn ALL about Star Wars. It’s amazing what you learn about your spouse even 13 years later. The entire Star Wars DVD collection has been sitting collecting dust on a high shelf. It’s a cool set to have, but I didn’t think we were that into it.

Having a son has made me see the little boy in Blue. Out comes a BIG blue travel bag from the 80’s. He unzips it for Buzz. There was close to 100 different action figures. 98% of them were Star Wars. Some I’ve never seen before. Blue knows them all.

He puts in a DVD, starting with #4. Just like we did as kids. We thought Buzz was a little young, some parts are scary. Damn those Sand Creatures!

Blue was right on the money with this one. He was absorbed into the world faster then we could have imagined. Buzz would hold Blue’s finger, because daddy get’s scared, and Buzz tells him it’s ok. Since this one movie viewing day. EVERY week when Blue is off, Buzz and him watch or re-watch Star Wars movies. When I say I hear and think Star Wars ALL the time, it’s because it’s like we are cramming for some Star Wars test.

Even when the DVD is over they leave the room to the main menu of Star Wars music filtered through out the house.

What do I think?

I’m a toy junkie. I love my kids to dive into imaginary worlds, to take these franchises and embrace them. To become a Jedi Master, to become Darth Vader, to fight off Storm Troupers. Just like I want my Tink to be a fairy or a princess, a rock star or a ballerina.

Imagination is often lost too early in kids. I was taught by my mom something simple. “Don’t grow up too fast. Take your time” well mom. I still am growing up. I enjoy creativity, imagination, and playing even still as an adult. And I can only hope to instill this in my kids like she did with my sister Frances and I.

So this Star Wars obsession couldn’t have come at a better time. Blue started to get Buzz into it, and we had a trip to Disney World coming up. Hello Hollywood Studios!

Fast forward to March 22nd 2012. We were up and headed to Hollywood Studios for the day. And after talking to the concierge at the hotel he suggested that I  RUN to the sign up for Jedi Training for Buzz, AS soon as we get to the park.

I don’t mess around when people suggest these things. We arrived when the park opened at 9 am but with security lines hundreds deep I was saddened to think we wouldn’t get him signed up.

I gave Blue my bag to take through security and he stayed with my parents, sister and Tink. I took JUST Buzz and myself one stroller and went through the super short security for people with NO bags to search.

We JOGGED through the grounds of Hollywood Studios and arrived at the Star Wars area to find out that Jedi Training sign up is back at the ABC building, I passed it.


I had to take my Star Wars obsessed son AWAY from the GIANT life like Star Wars area, I explained we’d be right back. I arrived at the ABC building to a long line, we waited. At 9:35 am it was our turn to sign up. We arrived 35 minutes after the park opened and with Jedi Training shows every 45 minutes, they only had available a spot for the 5:30 pm show or the later 6:15 pm show. ALL the earlier shows were already full.

I took the 5:30 pm show and got this golden ticket


We enjoyed our day of Buzz and Woody, Toy Story Mania, Beauty and the Beast musical, Disney Jr. and a lunch with Jake, June, Oso and Hanny Manny, watched the Pixar Parade, and finally headed to our Jedi Training, hoping it’d be as cool as it sounds… I had no idea it’d be THIS cool.


Buzz is the ‘Wild Child’ it’s a Chewbacca t-shirt (from Target).

We started back at the ABC building for Star Wars Trivia, this was more of a learning experience, and enjoying the Star Wars freak fan parents whispering ALL the answers to their kids.


Our little Padawan’s were all suited up in the one size fits all Jedi Training robes. They had to tie up the ends of Buzz’s so he didn’t trip.


Every detail was there. The Jedi Master came out hood up, and the POOF off with his robe, and his assistant, who was very serious and Jedi like herself was right in character.


I’m not sure how they choose to place the children where. Maybe it’s by size? And since Buzz is tiny he was on that front spot. He’s front and center with his back to us.

This spot must be the ONE spot the Jedi Master messes with. And lucky us it was Buzz’s spot. And right on cue this kid hammed it up for the audience. I didn’t know how he’d do on stage… well he did us proud.

No Oath from you

The Jedi Master had us ROLLING, and these looks that Buzz was giving made it even funnier…

Ewok height

They trained the little Padawan’s with some basic moves…

Jedi Training skills

AND then there is the EPIC fail on my part. And I have to say my Nikon did it’s best to keep up with me all day. BUT the battery died RIGHT when I went to take the video of Buzz’s turn to fight Darth Vader (he was the LAST kid to go) I DID however get all the pictures, from the Walt Disney Photo Pass guy. However I wasted some of my battery on this really cool entrance of the one and only Darth Vader…

Darth Vader enters

So each kid one at a time went up and fought Darth Vader with the moves they were taught in their class.

Star Wars Darth fight back

Star Wars Darth Fight 1

Star Wars fight low

Star Wars Darth fight close up

Star Wars Darth fight high close

Diploma with border

After the fight with each of the Padawan’s, Darth Vader retreated.

Leaving the Storm Troopers to a comedic exit themselves.

Needing the Jedi Master to use his force to open the doors so the big bad Storm Troopers could exit. And before the doors closed one of them  said “Uh… thanks. Have a nice day!” to the Jedi Master, then the other elbows him and we all laugh.

We end this show with all the kids cheering around their Jedi Master for fighting off Darth Vader. And we hear a voice… Yoda speaks to them all saying how proud he is of the new Jedi Trained younglings. Diploma’s are handed out and our little Padawan’s, now Jedi Trained, return to their families.

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for Buzz. He talks about it every day, still. Queen Gigi had bought them light saber’s from the Electric Parade in Magic Kingdom, and with the helmet from Paco and the new awesome Mickey Mouse Jedi Robe from Aunt Frances, Buzz is a serious Jedi around this house.


His official 4th birthday, was ALL Star Wars themed. He had Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Halloween and Star Wars for options but after this experience all he wants is Star Wars everything.


We had more then one party, and so of coarse more then one Star Wars cake.


And as soon as he opened his Star Wars toys he’d run them to Blue to show him his cool new toys. He went nuts over his Star Wars ‘Squinkies’ if you haven’t had the pleasure of these toys, they are TINY. BUT they are soft. So stepping on them isn’t painful. FINDING them is painful.



From us, and Queen Gigi and Papa Carrots he got his big boy bed. the IKEA Kura bunk bed. It’s got a lower area… I seriously need to update these pictures though. he DID get car blankets with it, he picked it out. (I use it as a spare) We were waiting for him to get his VERY awesome Star Wars sheets, and comforter in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa Mc. By the way the SHEET GLOW IN THE DARK with out the need of all day sunlight. Too damn cool.

Birthday cake mask was worn by all of us for some funny shots…


Papa Carrots and Buzz


Queen Gigi and Tink (in her Belle Dress of coarse)


Aunt J and Daddy Blue


Aunt Frances and myself.

So to ALL of you, I hope you enjoyed more of our Disney memories, and our Star Wars tribute to today.

“May the Force Be With You”

JCat McGack


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