Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nice to Meet You


I’ve talked with others about the subject of meeting neighbors. Things like, how long do you give them to move in before you go say ‘hello’ and do you bring them a small gift? Or just go over and start conversation?

I’ve had people tell me that they don’t really do the ‘Get to know your neighbor’ thing. They just wave. And call it a day. Some people say they don’t want their neighbor all up in their business.

And I get it. To each their own. I mean I’d totally get it if you lived on a acre or more, had land, or lived on an island.

I’m social to begin with. But the way I see it, is I HAVE to live by you. YOU have to live by me. We should look out for each other, I’m not saying to hang out daily, or have to chat every time we are outside at the same time.

I just like to know who lives around me. Some of my neighbors laugh, and call me the neighborhood watch. That’s fine with me. By default of being a stay at home mom I am home ALL day EVERY day. I have two small children. So if they are outside, I’m outside.

I’ve been in my neighborhood for 9 years now. We live in  what I call cornfield suburbia. It was a subdivision built where a cornfield once was. So there are NO mature trees. Most of the trees are under 10 years old. We all have (by requirement) 4 foot fences. ZERO privacy. I also live on the BACKSIDE of a cull-de-sac. Being on this curve, and being in the center of it all. I can see 12 back yards from my yard. That’s A lot to see!

I share to much, I don’t care what people think. I’m open about my family, I enjoy learning about all my different neighbors. I’ve learned not to judge the guy behind me. He’s stocky, he never wears shirts with sleeves, he smokes, home all day.

Sure you just judged him by the profile I just gave you… I did.  I finally chatted with him one day. When the kids and the dog were inside and I could carry an over the fence conversation with out yelling it. Found out he’s a nurse who works grave yard. I started the conversation because he was working on planting some big trees and a garden at the back corner of the yard where our corners meet.

Found out he loves gardening, and is a big fan of bird watching. I didn’t see that one coming!

I have made friends with all of the neighbors with in a 4 house radius around us. I know the adults, kids, and most of the pets names. I’m not nosey, well maybe a little bit. But I’ve also learned that a few of my neighbors are not the social neighbor kind. They wave. Say ‘Hi’ and I get that. They are those people who are busy and do their own thing.

Now to today. I was hosing down my cat’s 5 foot carpet tower. (gross) It’s going to get up to 90 today so I thought it’d dry fast in the sun.


While trying to come up with ANYTHING else to do but that, I see the new neighbors a few houses down out in their yard.


I go get the scissors and cut a variety of flowers from my yard. I have old Starbucks glass bottles just for this occasion. Tied some ribbon around it, and I had this cute card I made. And simply wrote “Welcome to the neighborhood”

New Neighbors 2012

(Daisy’s, Silvia, blooms from my ivy, and hard to see but my beautiful bee balm is on the side… I’ll get you a better view. To pretty not to share)

MY beebalm 2012

I walked over, and introduced myself. I chatted with them for a few minutes. They have met most of the neighbors around them. They remind me of Blue and myself when we first moved here.

We talked about our crappy dirt/clay yards. I gave them the tip to pull weeds after the rain.

I like to make a good rapport with my neighbors. I’m not looking for my next best friend, I’m not looking for weekend barbecue's. I’m looking to be polite, to enjoy the fact that we are all on quarter acre land plots, with low fences, no privacy and just trying to enjoy our live together.

So are you the neighborhood watch? Someone who barely knows their neighbors? Or in between?

Happy Weekend!

JCat McGack

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