Monday, April 9, 2012

Content with Today


Today was a day like many other days. It’s baseball season, and that means one thing to us. We don’t see  Blue that often.

He works his 40 a week day job. But some days, there are night games at Wrigley Field in Chicago (home of the Cubs, if you live on another planet) and he goes there RIGHT from the day job. (Changes into his uniform in the car)

He’s a beer vendor up there. Got the job through his dad who’s been vending just about

This whole last 5 days has been VERY little Blue around the house. Being opening weekend with the Cubbies. But it’s good money, so we can’t complain too much.

So what DO I do, with an almost 4 year old boy, and almost 6 year old girl. It’s the last day of Spring Break, and thanks to the school system for realizing we all had a candy/Easter with family hangover to get over. Perfect remedy?

Stay home and tinker. I chose this…


To be my project of choice. NOT a good time. Each winter I just DUMP, TOSS, FLING whatever I don’t want to put away, goes onto my workbench. So then come each spring I get this.

I’m a weird breed of person. I’m SUPER organized, I swear. But I can go for MONTHS like this. It’s like I start to get a bit lazy, and the whole ‘if I don’t see it, it doesn’t bother me’ and when it’s 30 degrees in the garage, I really don’t see it as we run into the house from the car.

AND so to carry out this job, with said small children underfoot I set up their pile of… transportation.




ALL of these, bikes, scooters, wagons and cars are my two kids. (I need to remind you they are the ONLY Grandchildren that EITHER of our parents will have. So YES they get SPOILED)

I have asked for a 3rd car garage JUST for their stuff!

They had a blast driving all over the yard, sidewalk chalk and bubbles. Once we got to the 5th hour straight of being outside in 60 and SUPER windy they got creative…


Tink said she’d push Buzz, WHILE in her skates. This lasted longer then I thought it would. They found it funny and amusing.

Sophie hung out with us too. I found a bag of pig ears for her. It’s been 7 years since she’s had one of those and she was in HEAVEN.

I know this is what you’re waiting for… the results of my labor…

Garage Workbench Spring 2012


LOVE the peg board, all my little hooks, and yes I did the jar’s from the top idea. Nail the lid from a clean empty jar up on the bottom side, and fill jar, screw back in! I can see what I’ve got. Just be warned to have your jar SCREWED TIGHT. I had one fall and scare the crap out of me today!

I was ALL over this thing. The floor to the top. Pulled it ALL out, sorted, organized, and purged.

I came in the house to toss in something, and saw the clock read 5:15 pm! Holy canoli it was late. Dropped what we were doing in the garage, made it so you could walk in, picked up ALL the toys from the front yard. Ran with the kids to the library to return the Nook I borrowed from them.

Buzz was PASSED OUT before we got home at 6 (it’s a 4 minute ride!) and it’s 10:00 and he STILL out. I tell you fresh air is the BEST knock out remedy for kids.

After getting him to bed. Tink ready for bed. Took a shower, then came down and cleaned the WHOLE mess of a kitchen and FINALLY got to sit here to blog around 9:30. PHEW.

NOW the rest of the garage is for another day. And timing it perfect, I just chatted with Blue. He’s almost home after being gone 15 hours today.

Have a happy night!

JCat McGack

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MOM said...

LOOKS GREAT! Love the pic's of the kids playing!MOM