Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mr. Weaky Man Buzz is Four

Our daughter, Tink was just 22 months old. I had her stay with Queen Gigi and Papa Carrots for a few days.

Blue and I checked into the hospital at 6 am. At 4:16 pm Buzz was born. 7 lbs, 10 oz. 21 1/2 inches. Blue eyes, and a full little Mohawk of hair light brown hair.

Color head shot

When I had Tink. My GIRL, 22 months prior, I was besides myself with happiness. I thought if ALL I have is girls, that will be fine with me! I mean I wasn’t raised with boys, I have no nephews, I have just Frances and me. Girls ruled in my book.

And then all of a sudden… this little man showed up. And he stole my heart. I mean I was worried when I was pregnant with him. Would I love another as much as I love my Tink? And how will this go with a boy? I don’t know much about boys.

And it all makes sense now. How people say that they love their children the same. But different. You’ve captured my heart in a way that only a mother with a son could understand.

Sleep sepia us two

And then all of a sudden you turned one… your hair blonde as blonde could be, eyes still blue as the sky.


Summer 2010 came and you were just two and already kissing girls! (LOVE this one D!)

kiss Kailey Alex


Three was here before we knew it.

Here you are with your Aunt Jen, enjoying your 3rd birthday party.








And then we have this last year… where you’ve been nothing but ALL boy. NOISY, dirty, and SILLY!

Enjoying your face painted at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago…

Buzz BZ Paint face funny 2011

Your first scissors… yes in a cat tower… in your underwear.


Your first video game. A LeapPad, your cooler then me at this point with your technology!

LeapPad 2011 Christmas Morning

You LOVE all things Halloween (and even though it’s April 25th your STILL asking how many days till Halloween)

Train excitement face 2011 oct

Seriously?! Big boy underwear and Dego-T shirts?! I LOVE it. Not only are you grown up, but you dress like a little man. And I can’t get enough of it.


Pudding face.

Buzz 3 chocolate 2011

This next one… well it’s probably hands down my all time favorite black mail picture.

LOVE it.

And NO you’ll never live this one down…

Buzz in a tutu Nov 2011_picnik

Or this one…

Awooha Tink Buz Nov 2011

How about this one? Tink looks MESSED up in this one. Like that pair of underwear is too tight on her head, messed up.

Winter Gear 2011

Around our house we have the VERY famous photo,

it’s on the fridge and it makes our day.

We titled this one

“Epic Fail”

Epic Fail 2011

Now this is where I’m starting to go a bit crazy. That wee little baby in that first picture. My tiny little man…

Who now when I hold all 32 lbs of him (and he’s still tiny for 4) your huge. It take all of me to hold you like this any more, and this morning when I played our song, ‘Smile’ by Uncle Kracker, to dance with you, I could barely hold you through it.

It’s been a while since we danced to our song, and you asked me what song this was. You said you liked it. I laughed and remembered that we need to do this more often.

My heart 2012 Feb

And then this happened… we went to check out your new Preschool. You won’t start till September. But you are all registered and the first payment has been made.


… so before I totally loose it. We can come back to that in a few months. I can’t deal with that right now, baby steps.

Birthday first.


Oh and lets not forget about your new best friend. I love you two together. She’s in love with the fact that your rough, you play tug of war together everyday, you lay in the sun and read with her. I think you made loosing her sister Maggie, last year a bit easier by being there for her.

Alex and Sophie Sleep 2012

Showing her the buttons Alex Soph 2-12

Alright… I’ve been avoiding it. Going down memory lane, skirting around the topic.

You. Are. Four.

Christ that’s a hard one. I’m sure I’ll loose it at 5. But I know that 4 means Preschool, friends… well one this is for sure. You will ALWAYS be a momma’s boy.

Happy 4th Birthday to my handsome little man. In his new big boy tent bunk bed.

After last weeks back to back Darth Vader Birthday parties with family, we have an exciting day of Library with your teacher Miss Sarah, then some shopping with your birthday money, with Aunt Frances today.


Love you Mr. xo…



Valerie said...

This entry brought tears to my eyes... very well done! Happy Birthday to your little man! I love the way you are able to capture the special moments in your photography.

I know that you already know this -U ROCK and are an AWESOME MOM!

AngW1978 said...

Awwh, I'm here at work reading this with tears in my eyes. I feel like I'll lose it when the little guy turns 4 in Dec. too. Just too well said. I totally relate to the first part of this too. When we had a boy, I didn't know what to expect as I'd been raised entirely around girls...they sure do steal your heart though!