Tuesday, April 10, 2012

That ONE Disney moment.

Tonight Tink came running in to the family room screaming and crying about something. I was trying to 1/3 listen to her, in case there was real damage. Broken bones, blood, something wrong with her brother, and 2/3 listen to the t.v. so I could finish my episode of New Girl (I had like 6 minutes left!)

In her rambly mess of boo hoo and sobs, I caught “Belle”… “She’ll forget me”… and something about “Disney World sad”

I stopped watching my show to realize that my daughter was dealing with sadness. A Disney sadness that I WANTED to fix.

If you know me, you know that Disney has consumed me for most of 2012. Planned it in January, went in March and spent the last 3 weeks editing pictures and starting the scrapbooks. I just can NOT bear the thought of forgetting a memory, so I couldn’t have Tink crushed because of one.

So to somewhat hear that my daughter is distraught over a love for a princess makes my heart sad. I had wished that I had taken video of the time with Belle, like I had for some character meet and greet. But this one was all pictures.

I heard my show go to commercial so her attention was all mine. I ushered Tink into the front living room, sat her down and went right to the bookshelf.

Off the bookshelf I pulled a picture. This particular dinner was in Norway, at DSCN3318Epcot. We had dinner with 4 of the princesses. AND Belle was at the front to greet everyone with an individual photo shoot.

Which after dinner they came to our tables with these BEAUTIFUL folders (they look like leather) with a HUGE 8x10 for each of the kids, plus velum envelopes with four more 4x6 size photos of the same shot.

I quickly showed Mia the photo, and asked her if she remembered this moment.

She said “When Belle held my hand? She loved my dress. My gloves and my purse” I said “Yes Tink. When out of ALL those little girls that were there to see her. She was JUST with YOU. For that moment. That moment it was just YOU and Belle.

Sure she lives FAR away in Disney World, and you live WAY up here. But you STILL had that moment with her. A moment SO many little girls dream to have.

I said to remember Belle, read her story, watch her movie, and do what she does. What’s Belle’s favorite thing to do?” she said “READ!”

“Yes! So read. Study, and get smart like Belle. You can be beautiful, kind and smart. What a great Princess to admire, Tink”

I asked her if I could tell her a story. She said “About your princess?”

I said “Well my ‘person’ is not a princess. She’s a rock star.” Tink says “OH I know. It’s P!nk”

I replied “Yes. P!nk is the person who sings all those song I love. And once upon a time, I went to see her sing. And right before she was done singing. She came down off the stage and held my hand (plus everyone else in the front row, but for the story to a 5 year old I left out ALL the other people. JUST me there)

She held my hand and she looked right at me (I wouldn’t let go till she did. I just KNEW this moment was a once in a life time)

I said “Tink. She is MY person. The person who even though they live FAR away, have their own life, her own family. I had my time with her. Even if it was short. So many people wish that they had that with the person they look up to and we both have had that. We are so lucky.”

“So I know your sad. I know you miss her. But when you miss her. Look at this picture and remember she held YOUR hand. Even just for that moment. YOU and her hung out. You have that memory. And NO one can take that away.”

I have to say people ask why I scrapbook, why I blog, why I write it ALL down.

Maybe it was seeing my grandfather suffer for two years with Alzheimer's. Where he didn’t know anyone, he just sat and his hands just shook. He didn’t even know what a day of the week was…I fear the loss of memories. It’s one of my biggest fears. I want to teach my children to hold on. To remember to take THAT one memory. To use it for ALL that it’s worth. That one memory that makes their heart sing. Hold on to it. Use it to fly with.

Thanks P!nk. For inspiring me to fly.

JCat McGack

P!nk hand

THAT is pink’s boot. That black boot there under the second arm. That is my best friends arm. THAT was taken seconds before P!nk came down and held my hand.

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