Thursday, April 12, 2012

Very unexciting. But lots of pictures of my desk

This is exciting blogging. I know. It’s my loft. It’s about 7 feet wide by 11 feet long of open floor space. And way back before I can remember, we had no kids and both of us were working so money was more fun back then. We bought a desk.

A BIG fucking desk.


THIS big ass desk is wonderful. It’s ALL oak. It’s got a ton of storage, and desk space. Which only means ONE thing in my house. PILE SHIT ON IT!!

I spared you with a  before picture if you’ve seen any of my other clusterfuck pictures of my house. You get it. I’m sloppy at times, but damn I can rock and organize like a freak with OCD if I want to.

Onto more exciting pictures…

First off I have to brag about this window. I never did get the point of this window. I mean it’s two stories up. I’ve cleaned it ONCE (when we painted and I was on this crazy rigged scaffold built by my dad, and I mean who doesn’t trust what their retired labor dad builds, right?)

Soon after living here, I realized how amazing this window is. It brings pretty much ALL the sunlight to the hallway and loft area.



I’ve shuffled these pictures, nik nacs, and office supplies around more then I can remember. But this is pretty. Uncluttery and it works.

Office files (One for each of us) my stapler, pen cup and empty tape dispenser up top.

It’s HARD. VERY hard for me to have that ‘open space’ or ‘white space’ so your eyes can rest. I like my stuff, BUT I like this look. It’s clean, and uncluttered looking.


I’d say I won’t open a cabinet to show you… but I’m not one to hide things. So here you go…


This one is holding computer game books, my books on organizing, and me books. YES that is a Britney card there. The other side is a 2002 calendar. LOVE Britney. Don’t hate.

Most of the cabinets look like this. Little books. One has CD’s in it. One has address books (which now we have to hoard, since they are stopping publishing them)


This side is busier. I tried my best, but I NEED my binders, and that (ugly) flower box opens to more paper storage. It’s up off the desk. I think it’ll work.

Basket holds a ton of note pads. The middle is where my Maggie May is, her ashes and her paw print, with her last bandana.

Some mom books.

The printer, phone and surge protector outlets ALL have to be here. Still clean. But I wish It wasn’t all out… oh yes I have a cabinet JUST for printers down below. But I need a spare day to purge all the electronics, plugs and old crap in there to move this down. AND I need to set up the wireless printing/scanning since the USB plug is too damn short to reach from down below to up in the center of the desk.


AND onto the last and least exciting of them all. The bottom.

The keyboard drawer, which is now useless with a laptop. I have my paper calendar (YES some of us still use these) my mouse pad (I LOATHE the touch mouse on my laptop)

I cleared the crap from where the old CPU storage once was. Now it’s a nice place to stick my garbage can!

My drawers are pretty organized. Checks I never write, gift cards with balances of $1.42 or less on them. Paper clips…


AND that’s about all I’ve got for you today.

I have to say this is one of the most boring posts I’ve ever done. But damn it, I’m trying to get in the routine of blogging more. And not just making a quickie post on facebook. And bringing it here.

In more exciting house news. I cleaned Buzz’s room. Moved the furniture around. Getting it ready for his BIG birthday present. A new bed. Pictures to come, not for another week or so. (I’m sure you were holding your breath for that one)

So if your still reading. Well, thanks. You now know what I did all day. eat bon bons and watch canceled soap operas organize the shit out of my house.

JCat McGack

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