Tuesday, April 17, 2012

To the Cloud

If you’ve ever tried to take a picture of your kids together. BOTH smiling, BOTH looking SOMEWHERE near the camera AT the same time is just about impossible with out some sort of goofy dance (pun intended. See photos) to get their attention.

Do that at Disney World when your kids get about a 2 shot chance of getting this right with a character meet and greet.


So I will show you what I mean…

Shot A.) Buzz is taking a nap.


Shot B.) Great they are both looking but I’m too low on Goofy and he has NO eyes!


Shot C.) Goofy has one eye, and Tink is more amused by Mickey Mouse behind me…


Shot D.) Now I introduce you to… Windows Live Photo Gallery ‘Fuse Photos’ option under ‘Create’ THIS is one, tricky thing to pull off let me tell you. The pictures have to line up JUST about pretty much perfect. You chose the two or three pictures you like. (maybe more)

And Photo fuse matched up the photos. And it starts to help, sometimes it’s spot on. Sometimes it tries to decapitate your people. I just close out their box. And draw my own around the person I need to swap out. And it chooses the same head. From the other shots to add in. GIVE yourself a bit more then around their head, this photo fuse is a bit off sometimes.

I was able to get Goofy with two eyes, and both kids looking… thank you technology for fixing this once in a life time shot!

Goofy and kids

If you want to see the funny commercial on ‘The Cloud’. Check it out here. I sweat it’s NOT that easy, but pretty close.

Happy photo editing!

JCat McGack

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