Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Me Time


I don’t function with out it. Not sure how anyone can. Needless to say I LOATHE when people say “I don’t have the time”… yes. you. do. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. It’s what YOU chose to do with YOUR day, is what makes the difference.

I have to say, hearing people say “I don’t MAKE the time” is a big difference, the the prior statement. It’s admitting that you COULD make the time. They just don’t. At least they admit it.

I have this rule. Me first.

Sounds incredibly greedy, and selfish. Especially for a mother of two. Well if you don’t take care of yourself, I think, especially for me, it shows in how I mother, how I treat my husband and others, and how I feel over all.

I suffered with Post Partum Depression, most of the time, with out even realizing it. It wasn’t till after my son was born, 22 months after my daughter, I realized I might have issues. I never did see anyone about it. Never took medication. I used the self help of calling one of my closest friends on the planet. (and who has put up with me for 28 years) Maternal Mirth (who is a VERY awesome witty blogger) has 3 kids, and twins on the way. From someone who was a single mom at 19, I’ve taken her raising kids advice before I had kids myself.

She talked to me, taught me to blog, to be a better writer, a calmer person, to take the time and write it down. I did. I chose to write notes to Blue when I was crazy PPD. Notes he still has. THOSE helped me. (even though looking back I was a babbly idiot, but what ever worked, I did.)

Alright, back to the subject. If you think I’ve got it easier because I’m a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) your wrong. I’m not saying ‘Me Time’ has to be hours of baths with a glass of wine, or spa days away.

What do I consider “Me Time”…

  • Blogging. (can be done with 3 year old around. You may proof read it 8 times, because you keep getting interrupted)
  • Commenting, reading blogs (also may need to be read 8 times… but you can usually sneak in a post or two)
  • Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Shutterfly. All internet crack for me, BUT. Do not think I sit on the internet all day. I allow myself treats of 5-10 minute breaks, either between laundry, dishes, floors, bathrooms… it’s a reward for me.
  • T.V. shows. (I don’t have a TON of shows, I have Tuesdays and Wednesdays that I love to watch my shows)
  • Reading a book. (Gasp. YES one made of paper. I take a few minutes to sneak in a few pages of whatever book I’m reading)
  • Exercise. (This one for me is not really FUN Me Time, but it’s about Me, so I guess it could be in this list)
  • Baths. (Necessary. Hot bath. About 45 minutes. LEAVE. ME. ALONE. Blue KNOWS it’s been a rough day for me, when he comes home and I’m headed for the tub)
  • Extensive “Me Time” is when I get to go out with my mom, we go shopping in her downtown area (cute little shops where 3 and 5 year olds are frowned upon)
  • Or when I get to chill with my bestie, J. She and I could hang out and chat for HOURS, after being on the phone for HOURS, and still could talk for more HOURS, but it’s usually 2 am by then!
  • Scrapbooking/Painting/Drawing… ANY form of art is “Me Time” now this one I REALLY get the line “I NEVER HAVE TIME TO DO THAT!!” from people. Again, you MAKE the time to do what you like, what YOU want.

I have to say I love to do so many of my “Me Time” activities with my kids, reading, exercising, painting… it’s taking the time to do things BY. YOURSELF. makes you sane.

If you work, and yes I did for years. You can make “Me Time” too. Read on your lunch, paint on your lunch (I did, and everyone at work thought I was nuts. But a much happier then them nut!) get up earlier then you do. I swear by going to bed earlier, and getting up 45 minutes before the kids (not saying I get the whole 45 minutes kid free) makes a difference. Find that time, carve it out for you.

I personally have hobbies. Sure my kids have activities, and school, and I love spending time with my husband and family, but I don’t want to wait till my kids are grown, or I’m ‘retired’ to start enjoying MY hobbies. 

Balance is key.

I don’t quite have that yet. I some days spend more time creating then cleaning, or cleaning then creating. But in the end it all works out.

Take some “Me Time” for yourself. You would be AMAZED at how much better your day goes, how much better you feel, and how much better you treat people.

Have a “Me Time” day!


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Maternal Mirth said...

I feel so loved! You have come a long way... shit, so have I! We have to catch up soon, BTW ;o)