Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bullet style randomness

Nothing says a good post like being jacked up on coffee with no breakfast. This will be one of those bullet style posts… to much to say, to much caffeine in system to focus for more then a sentence, and GO…

  • I forgot to eat breakfast today. Damn internet kept me away… somehow I managed to make coffee and feed the kids and pet though?
  • I am a Shutterfly whore. LOVE them, LOVE their many coupons, LOVE I can use them all at once, LOVE their books and prints. Especially around the Holiday’s I am ONE with them. Daily.
  • I’m so coffee jittery right now when I pause to think of what to type, I do that finger tapping thing, where I don’t push the keys but I just tap them… anyone else?
  • IMG_1573
  • Linked my Twitter account @JCat_McGack to my FB page… pretty sure that will annoy people soon… but I’m not one to care… maybe…
  • Excited I’m not tied down by a deadline today. Wednesday I was finishing up my BFF’s birthday present, a tote bag from her old t-shirt, and yesterday I was a zombie, but I still managed to spend 6 hours with Shutterfly to make a book, pick out my 75 free prints, make another project, and save a shitload of $$ my coupon crazy friends are proud.
  • Shutterfly save
  • I’ve been blog shopping. Not for a me personally, but for ones to read. I’m thinking I’ll be checking into SITS girls more often again, need more fuel…
  • On that note, I’m happy to say my dear friend of 28 years has started blogging again. For the love of the blogosphere, there was a hole in our universe when she left…Maternal Mirth. Glad she’s back.
  • I wish people would leave comments HERE on my posts… sigh… need to get blog friends to comment, can’t seem to rely on the real world people from Facebook no matter how many times I post my blog there… wankers. (unless you’re a FB friend and were going to comment… your not a wanker…)
  • I need to clean Buzz’s room. There are toys everywhere… but I also dumped out a basket of clean clothes (2 months ago) and have yet to pick them up. We just get him dressed from the floor pile. (don’t judge.)
  • I hope the Leappad’s we bought the kids are as cool as we think they will be. The only bad thing is they go by battery (BOOOOO) I bought rechargeable ones, but thinking we will break down and buy (yes separate) the wall plug
  • Leapad picture both

bought Buzz the green one with Toy Story 3, and Cars game, plus a $20 app credit.

Tink is getting purple/pink one with Tangled game, and since she’s in school she gets Mr. Pencil game. (they can share them) and a $20 app card for her too.

  • Oh my Cannon point and shoot that I’ve had for 9 months has no flash… that is awesome for night time, and indoor pictures. For paparazzi's sake, someone just buy me a nice camera already. Sigh.
  • Excited to host Christmas this year for Blue’s family, small gathering of about 30 people… yikes.
  • Now getting stabby… must eat… early lunch? Late breakfast? A bit of both…

Happy Saturday, leave a comment. Pffftt.

JCat McGack


Jennifer Stavros said...


First of all, welcome to the twitter crowd! I added you over there just now. I'm @scandalous.
I think mixing FB and the twitter worlds is dependent on the crowds that you have on each platform. I personally do not tie my twitter account into my FB because
1)If they want/I want them to read about it, either they have the screenname for it or they already are following me over there.
2)I tend to cross pollinate things from either one, two, or all three of my twitter accounts to my facebook when its deemed alright reading material for everyone from a business contact to say... my kid brother. That program is called Seesmic and is a totally free to use outlet that will help post your rss to multiple places all in one click. You might want to check it out.

Speaking of clicks, I'd love for you to share your shutterfly secrets with me! Us poor artist kids adore any and all opportunities to easily get pictures of bitties since ex husbans doesnt believe in playing nice and sending a few in the mail...

Silly silly Gaks.. its not even thanksgiving yet, why is everyone on the Christmas kick? (Looking forward to reading about your cookin's and hosting later though. I'm sure it will be absolutely fabulous).

I'll make a point to start posting comments on here for you too. I know I appreciate all the comments on FB and others that I get them on, but theres something satisfying in seeing them there at home base.

Cheers jitterbug!

JCat McGack said...

Thankyouverymuch. You my dear get a cookie... not a real cookie... but... well you know. Thanks for the comment. Will post some Shutterfly info... thinking about making a post of it so many people ask about it. And damn this post was messy, I did NOT reread it before posting!