Wednesday, November 30, 2011


‎I miss u n ur crazy family. U def a genuine person n if we went fifty years without speaking I know we'd be able to pick up right where we left off like always! Oh n ur the best Tinkerbell ever!!

I’m usually annoyed by this game on Facebook. It’s where you message a number to someone. And they post a comment on their page, with just the secret number you sent them. To say how they really feel about you… I guess it’s not that annoying if you play. Fun to see your number come up.

I gave #78 to a good friend. Someone who once was a co-worker of my husband and mine, and I continued to work with her years later. This comment made my night.

I’ve always said, to be a true friend of mine. You need to understand that I will build a relationship with you. Either over a coarse of one night, a few months or years. IF we do not speak for years, but come across each other, and can just pick up, as if it was last week when we last visited. I KNOW you are a true friend to me.

So to you my dear friend…

Your honesty has always made you one of my favorite people. You accept me for me. You hold a place in my heart, with all my other pick right back up friends. Long live the Empress Cage Crew!!


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